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CI #57 Round-up!

It was so fun to go through all the color challenge entries! I think there were a few running themes throughout… lots of cards with hearts on white backgrounds, lots of white cards in general, and lots of butterflies. :)

Anyway, enjoy! I couldn’t limit myself to just 5 top picks, so I went for 10. However, I still only have 5 iTunes prizes, so I randomly picked 5 out of the 10 and those will receive the iTunes gift cards. :) Those five are shown on the top row below…

NOTE: If you are one of the 5 prize winners, I will be emailing you concerning the gift cards. Some of you are outside the US, and I just realized that you won’t be able to use iTunes gift certificates bought from the US iTunes Store. We’ll have to figure something else out. :)




Color Inspiration #57

Color Inspiration #57

Happy Wednesday, all!

So, my mom–who is an amazing quilter–is making me a quilt for my living room. I have a comfy red chair and sort of a bone color sofa. Last week we went to pick out fabric and found the perfect fabrics! Most of them (all but two) are from a Joel Dewberry Collection. After taking this picture of the fabric, I knew it had to be a Color Inspiration Challenge.

I nearly didn’t post this Color Inspiration Challenge, though. I don’t want any of you to think this is a return to “weekly” color challenges or anything like that. This does not mean “the Color Inspiration Challenge is back.” It’s just me, excited about this color combination, and I wanted to share. So just have fun with it. :)

Since this is a “one off” challenge, this is how the round-up will work: 5 top picks, 10 random picks. And because I just love new music, the creators of the 5 top picks will each receive a $10 iTunes gift certificate. :)

Oh, and if any of you find a spam link, please contact me. Thanks!

Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Tuesday, January 12 at 6:00 pm MT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link below (also, the time remaining is displayed next to the “Add your link” button).

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

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Color Inspiration Challenges

Hi all!

I have received numerous emails asking about the Color Inspiration Challenges over the last few days. Instead of answering the question over and over again, I thought I would just post about it.

Unfortunely, I do not have immediate plans to continue with the Color Inspiration Challenges. They are too time consuming. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I’ve always struggled with the time commitment to post Color Inspiration Challenges. Getting it posted isn’t particularly hard, but the round-up is difficult. Even to the point of there being a two week span between the challenge deadline and the round-up. It was frustrating for me and for all of you.

It feels somewhat like I “bit off more than I could chew.” :( I kept thinking, “I’ll start up the challenges again when my life calms down.” But I don’t think it will calm down any time soon. I’ve thought about not having the round-up but still posting Color Inspiration Challenges, and actually tried that for a few months at one point. However, I’ve decided against it. It seems like a half-effort and not really what I want to do.

When or if I start the Color Inspiration Challenges again, I will post about it here. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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