Color Wednesday #25 – Purchasing & Printing Digital Stamp Images

Hi all!

Quick Color Wednesday video you all, and it happens to be a video highly requested. :) Today’s video is all on purchasing, download, and printing digital stamps. Hopefully, it will answer a lot of questions that some of you might have.

Digital Stamp shown in video: The Greeting Farm Dressy Joyce

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

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  1. Thank you for all the work you do and the time you take to teach so many like me. I love the coloring and the envelope videos so much. I have a question on printing the digital images, do you know if you can print using a regular printer and then color using copic markers or do you need to use a different toner ink?

    • If you have a laser printer (which uses toner), you’re good to go. Copics were originally created for use with Xerox machines that print with toner.

      If you have an inkjet printer (like I do), you really just have to try it out and see. If it doesn’t work off the bat, sometimes letting the images dry for a long time (like a couple days) and/or heat setting them with a heat gun will help.

  2. Love this. I was wondering about your printer. :). For your next Friday focus series can you work on showing us cool thing we can do with a silhouette? You are so creative with the things you come up with and I love to scrap lift ideas! :).

  3. Thanks for all the great tips!
    It was nice to show that you don’t need to have Adobe applications just to print out these files. I feel like sometimes the average, everyday crafter (without all the bells and whistles) gets left behind with all the fancy software and whatnot- even for something as simple as printing out your own coloring pages.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Oh, this is wonderful information. I’m asking also about printer ink, since I don’t have an Epson. Maybe we should heat set the printed digi before trying to color it? I know we stamp with different inks depending if it’s Copics or Distress Markers. What type of card stock do you print on if you are going to use Distress Markers? Thank you.

    • Yes, you can heat set. That will help sometimes.

      As for Distress Markers, I’ve never used a digital image. I usually add water to Distress Marker and since the ink isn’t waterproof, it would bleed everywhere.

      • TY for taking the time to reply. Yes, makes sense not to use DM, but I just wanted to check with you because your talent knows no end!

  5. Great tutorial. I was wondering if your printer is and ink jet
    or laser.

  6. Thanks for the video it was very educational

  7. Hi Kristina,

    The video has the advertisement on you tube and then goes black, It doesn’t work at all on the blog. I am an experienced you tuber so that’s not the problem.

  8. Thanks Kristina – I have a question about the computer you use. Is it a Mac? And if so, it looks like you have Word on your Mac. Can you confirm this, please?
    I have a new Mac (well, pretty new since Feb) and I need to learn how use it!—especially to download and print out resize, etc. Also. I have just purchased PSE 11 but haven’t installed it yet. Also, one more question, if I get the Silhouette Cameo will my HP photosmart inkjet printer be good for printing? It will not hold 12×12 paper.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Yes, I’m on a Mac. Microsoft has Office for Mac.

      Are you asking if you can use your current printer to do print-and-cut on a Silhouette? Yes you can. You can use a smaller mat in the Cameo, or simply put the smaller paper on the larger mat.

  9. Lovely video today! I would just like to add that the size limitation if only with some file formats. If you get a digital stamp in .png, .pdf or .svg, this limitation is not there. You can print as large as your printer will handle

    • Actually, a .png file would become pixelated. And depending on how the original PDF was created, some will pixelated and some won’t. It depends on if the file is vector-based.

  10. Thanks for the great info in this video! I have never tried a digi stamp so this gave some helpful info. Just wanted to tell you what a good job you do with your speaking in the videos you make. You are always very clear and pronounce words well so we can all hear and understand you. Super – duper!!

  11. Hello Kristina
    Loved all the tips and tricks you’re teaching all of us. I also want to say that I love seeing you on screen in your introduction as to what you’re going to be doing in the tutorial.
    It’s great to see the face behind the voice. LOL …Love hearing about what all you’re up to and Mannie too.
    Great cards always and info that I’m so happy to learn from you.
    thanks for your caring effort and professionalism. Keep going up up and up. You’re taking us all there with you..So you are not alone in your journey. We are right behind you.


  12. OMG, this is exactly what I wanted to know on timely !!! p(^o^)q”"”
    I wanted to challenge to get some digital stamp image, but I did not know how to get it…
    So THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing very HELPFUL tutorial, Kristina !!!


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