RANDOM GIVEAWAY! Win stamps & dies!

Hi all! Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to film a new video for you guys. But I have been waiting for a good time to do a random giveaway! Yay!

I have a bunch of stamps, dies, and 6×6 pads that I’ll be sending to two lucky winners. These are mostly new craft supplies, but some have been used lightly and are in great condition. They’re just waiting for someone else to love them! LOL! :)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

For your chance to win, please fill out the Rafflecopter area below.

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  1. Steel cut oatmeal with raisins….and iced coffee of course :)

  2. bread and a cofee!!!

  3. Bagel and cream cheese..
    my breakfast of choice.

  4. Smoothie!

  5. That is a funny question because At this very moment I am eating my breakfast. French vanilla yogurt mixed with fresh raspberries. Oh and I can’t forget my large cup of black coffee.

  6. Such a difficult question!
    I think I’ll go with Eggs Benedict (prepared by my DH,) with tea
    Thanks Kristina!

  7. I would like to have the stamps from the raffle.

  8. When will the winners be announced?

  9. I had oatmeal. But I can’t seem to get that thing to work.

  10. I have a strawberry smoothie!

  11. Lately I’ve been eating vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and a cup of Starbucks!

  12. Hey Krista

    I love warm fresh baked bread come straight out of the oven on Sunday morning with some Brie/Dutch cheese on it or chocolate springles. And a fresh egg coocked ofcourse.

    Through the weeks I like something that’s quick and light ones.. Muesli with light Yoghurt. Or drink yoghurts with grains in it. Something like that…

    Hope that’s enough for ya… Good luck with choosing…

    Saskia Pullen
    The Netherlands

    PS. Thank you for the idears….

  13. Warm bread with butter, a cup of hot chocolate!

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