Color Inspiration #53

Color Inspiration #53

Happy weekend, all! We’re continuing with reader-submitted photos, and this week the photo is from Anthonette Chavez. Isn’t this little guy so cute?! I took the bright colors from the little toy he’s holding. :)

So the colors this week are black, red (like a true, real red), pacific blue, sun yellow, and white. Have fun!

I just wanted to thank you all for participating each week. I’m so overwhelmed and humbled that so many of you would find this little color challenge helpful. And please do continue to submit your cards and pages and other creations. I love seeing them.

I also need to thank each of you who alert me when there are spam submissions. It helps so much! I’ve been able to delete the links more quickly because of all of you. If you find a spam link, please contact me and let me know. Thanks! :)

If you’d like to send a picture in to be considered for a Color Inspiration Challenge, read the details here.

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Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Wednesday, May 27 at 7:00 pm MT.

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

Reader submissions for Color Inspiration #53:

1. Karina
2. Agus Yornet (Arg.)
3. Kelly Jo
4. Crafty Girl (Karin Hoag)
5. Dunia
6. Arielle~ SnappyStamper
7. Susanne Nilsson
8. Gloria*
9. Kay McNeill
10. Nadia
11. Ronnie Crowley
12. Brandi (Yankee Belle)
13. Angela D (mrslfd3)
14. Kimberly Trevino
15. Brit Swiderski
16. Angela Fehr
17. Giò
18. SmilynStef
19. Travelingmama
20. Sharnee Torrents :0)
21. Amy Fleming NZL
22. Kelley Eubanks
23. Tracey Old NZL
24. Tanja Hartmann
25. Amanda Winkelman
26. Rose D
27. cria
28. Shannon Holbird- Australia
29. Sheila (Spain)
30. Natascha
31. elana k
32. Joan – PR
33. ANge KeLLy
34. uglybadseed
35. Yapha
36. Rosemary D
37. Rosemarie Diehl
38. Denise T.
39. Janet Strain
40. Dana F.
41. Jenyfur
42. Maureen L
43. Myran
44. Blair Moch
45. Kokie Larson
46. RobbynW
47. Tanja
48. Schnusoel
49. Linda Beeson
50. Amy, Ottawa, Canada
51. Patti MacLeith
52. Heather Ruwe
53. Julie Leblanc (Kewlstamps-n-more)
54. Lisa A.
55. Dotty
56. Traci Garzelli
57. Sharlene M – NZL
58. Naomi
59. KatieTurtle
60. Patty Chalas
61. Kim Jackson
62. Sue Bone
63. Lisa Harrolle
64. Sheila H
65. Vicky P (Greece)
66. Michelle Scott
67. Sarah from the UK
68. Ellen Woodbridge
69. Marlene (Malaysia)
70. Kara
71. Leila
72. Brooke
73. Tammy W
74. Jo
75. Heidi Myers
76. ~Andrea Thompson ~
77. Isabelle Lefebvre
78. Beth C.
79. Vera
80. Kristin (Stampin’ Fanatic)
81. Stacey Schafer
82. Catherine T.
83. Linda L
84. Louise
85. Virginia L.
86. Kirsty Brown
87. Debbie
88. Laura
89. Ms. Aaron B
90. Rachael NZ
91. Winter Sims
92. Chloe
93. Tara Kieninger
94. Heidi Myers
95. Muriel
96. Kathy V.
97. Bunnys Mom
98. Mimi
99. Karine
100. Madhvi
101. Kelly in Canada
102. Marian, Studio M
103. Jennie
104. Michelle T. (AUS)
105. Alice W.
106. Windy
107. Susan Joyce
108. Marisa G
109. Anthea
110. Mona L. Pendleton
111. Jane
112. Angie Tieman
113. Mae Collins (AUS)
114. Dori S.
115. regan
116. Randee E
117. Catherine (TheDancingPear)
118. Julie Davison
119. Carol Dunstan
120. Savitri
121. Maryann T.
122. Amy O
123. Brenda Weaver
124. Aime
125. Sally Little
126. Elizabeth Goliber
127. Anthonette
128. Nellie M.
129. Odette
130. Stacy
131. Jaded
132. Suzanne
133. Pernilla TJ (Sweden)
134. Ivette- Sunshine Florida
135. Lydia Jackson
136. Terrie – Paperologizt
137. Terrie – Paperologizt vs2
138. Barbara M
139. Rachel Sztonyk
140. Amanda @ Stampin’ Style
141. Holly NZL
142. LinaK (Sweden)
143. Ashley C. Newell
144. Caroline Colgan
145. Sankari Wegman
146. Sara Hayes
147. Nora Griffin
148. Deb Rymer
149. Cathy
150. Dana Gustafson
151. Sue Lelli
152. Jennifer G
153. Becs Attwood
154. dannisdoodles
155. Erika in CA
156. Antonia
157. Chrissy Lux
158. Dreena Guptill (canada)
159. SMK
160. Jennifer Engle
161. Trisha
162. Dawn W.
163. Julie Batta
164. Brit Swiderski
165. Nancy McKinney
167. Elise
168. Jennifer Spuehler
169. MissKoolAid

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  1. After reading Mr. Linky’s blog entry this morning, I thought I’d better link my card in a comment as well. Interesting color combo, Kristina!

  2. I’m not sure what’s going on but I submitted my link earlier, it was there, and now it’s missing. I tried doing it again but it’s not working… it acts like it’s submitting but it’s not there.
    Here’s mine:

  3. Mr. Linky seemed to work just now…I see my name on the list. Here’s my card just in case:…

  4. Seems to be working now, but here is my card just in case!…

  5. Hi Kristina – Mr. Linky still seems to be working – but in case it isn’t -here is my card entry:…

  6. Mr. Linky says I’m #149, but just in case, here is the link to my entry. Thanks!…

  7. Thanks for the challenge! Great teacher cards with those bold colors! It appears that Mr. Linky is working…mine posted as #155. Thanks, Kristina!

  8. Mr. Linky seemed to be working, so I added my submission. Here’s another link if needed :-) Thanks for the great challenge!…

  9. This one almost killed me….lol.

    The printer also exploded ink all over my photos and I put them down on my page before i noticed the mess….…

    Mr. Linky SEEMS to be working fine, but I’m following the crowd and going with the flow.

    THank you for the challenge, it really did stretch me creatively.

  10. Hope my link works. Love pacific blue!

  11. This inspiration was exactly what I needed to finish designing my husband’s birthday invitation. I was stuck colors and then voila! I see this post and my problems are solved! Thanks for inspiring all of us :)…


  12. Hello, Kristina! Now I see the chaos! My name keeps popping off the list, so just in case, I’m going to try (I’m technically challenged to begin with!) to leave a link to my offering for your fun color challenge:…

  13. Anthonette told me to put my link in the comments even though I’m a bit late in posting… these colors were a challenge!…


  14. Hi Kristina
    I found this one a little difficult … but … Here is my entry for the challenge!…

    Hugs, Andrea

  15. Eeek… the challenge isn’t closed is it???

  16. Hey, I read yesterday that the challenge was extended to the 29th so I did it last night… :(…

    • It said “deadline unknown” yesterday until I knew that Mr. Linky was working correctly again. Once I knew it wouldn’t bomb out again, I went back to the original deadline of last night. Sorry about the confusion. :)

  17. I missed out on the challenge because I thought I had another day to procrastinate :). I guess not!

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