Color Inspiration #55

We’re starting out this Color Inspiration #55 a bit differently today. :) Shimelle has been posting some great color entries on her blog this month, and I was so happy to be asked to share a bit about the Color Inspiration Challenge with her readers. So, welcome to all of you!

Here is the text that is appearing over at her blog today, with the new challenge near the bottom. Enjoy!

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Finding color everywhere…

I’ve never been good with color—at least I never considered myself good at color. What I am good at is looking at pre-existing color combinations. For example, I’ll be out shopping and see a particularly nice display in a window. I like the colors. I like the feeling it evokes. As discreetly as possible, I’ll take my phone out of my purse and snap a photo so that I can remember the colors later.

Great color combinations are everywhere you look!

Sometimes the hardest part is making the connection between the colors you see around you and the way they can be combined in a paper project. It’s often hard to look at a beautiful flower and pick out the specific colors that make it beautiful. But it’s infinitely easier to see the color combination possibilities when it’s a bedroom comforter or a shirt.

When it comes to finding color inspiration for papercrafting, some things translate better than others. Or in other words, when you look at the color of certain items, it’s not too far of a leap to see them on a papercrafting project.

Some of my favorite color inspiration go-to items are clothing, home décor, and paper items like stationary and notebooks. Now that I think about it, the common denominator with all these things is pattern. Clothing, home décor, and other paper items often use patterns.

It is easier to see a color combination when it is grouped together in a pattern.

Try looking for patterns and you will find them everywhere! And if you’re like me and sometimes struggle with grouping colors, it’s easier to do so when someone else has grouped them for you! There’s nothing like a cute pattern to get your color juices flowing. :)

Now for a Color Inspiration Challenge…

Color Inspiration #55

Here are the colors for this week’s challenge, and they come from my boss’ skirt! She was wearing this adorable skirt (which unfortunately she couldn’t remember where she bought), and I had to stop her so that I could take a picture. And check out those shoes! So cute!

Anyway, I want to invite everyone to participate in this challenge. For those new to the challenge, this is how it works: Just create something using the colors above as a springboard for your project. Post your creation somewhere on the internet—your blog, a photo gallery like Flickr, or at a papercrafting website/gallery. Then just follow the instructions below to paste your link.

After the deadline, I’ll go through all the projects and just pick out a few that are my favorites. There’s no prize or anything—I just like to show everyone your projects! And it’s a chance to spotlight some of the challenge participants. For an example of a Color Inspiration Challenge Roundup, click here.

So, join us! You’ll love it! :)

If you’d like to send a picture in to be considered for a Color Inspiration Challenge, read the details here.

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Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Wednesday, June 24 at 7:00 pm MT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link through the Mister Linky box.

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

Reader submissions for Color Inspiration #55:

1. Cria
2. Shelly Smarzik
3. Brit Swiderski
4. Vickie
5. Kathy V.
6. Bianca from Germany
7. Kara
8. Piali
9. Patti MacLeith
10. Stacey Schafer
11. Kay McNeill
12. debi hadley
13. Sankari Wegman
14. Judy
15. Meredith
16. Sharnee Torrents :0)
17. Sue in Vancouver
18. Amanda Winkelman
19. Tracey Old NZL
20. Sandra (Scrapperia)
21. Myran
22. Regan D’Agostino
23. ER
24. RobbynW
25. Juliana Bibas
26. Linda L
27. Karen Madden
28. Veronica F.
29. Amy, Ottawa, Canada
30. Yapha
31. Carissa
32. Michèle Egemann
33. Nikki Bond
34. Tammy Fite
35. Kelley Eubanks
36. Steph Day
37. TanjaH
38. Winter Sims
39. Andrea Roose
40. Sheila (Spain)
41. Rosemarie Diehl
42. Maureen P
43. Kelly in Canada
44. Schnuspel
45. Marie-Josée Trudel
46. Shauntabia W.
47. Holly NZL
48. lynn beaumont
49. Mel Board
50. Nelia Harper
51. Alberta Stamper
52. Crafty Girl (Karin Hoag)
53. Kimberly Trevino
54. SmilynStef
55. Nancy Riley, iSTAMP
56. Staci Miserlian
57. Michelle Woerner (sf9erfan)
58. Karen T
59. Claire (Australia)
60. KarenR (NZL)
61. Carol Dunstan
62. Estazia (UK)
63. Amanda Reddicliffe
64. Virginia L.
65. Lisa A.
66. Dotty
67. Kimberly Trevino #2
68. Kerstin Lang (GER)
69. Pam Speidel : )
70. Jaded
71. Maureen
72. Lisa A.
73. Kim Jackson
74. Hollie
75. Natalie S. Meyer
76. Karen Gartner
77. Dawn W.
78. Elise
79. Cristina Tronco
80. Alice W.
81. Tarynne
82. brittany
83. Nora Griffin
84. Nadia
85. Mona L. Pendleton
86. Louise
87. rubber’n'ink
88. Angie Tieman
89. Travelingmama
90. Kim Stewart
91. Stasia Sloma
92. Anni
93. Lorena
94. Elizabeth Goliber
95. Aime
96. Kay Kalthoff
97. Terri E.
98. jo m
99. Julie Hickey
100. Kristina
101. Krista Visser-Driessen
103. Jenn Picard
104. Cindy Major
105. Jeanie Witmer
106. Donna Henley
107. Julie Leblanc – KewlStamps-n-More
108. Jo-Ann Pullen (Canada)
109. Denise – Sassy Stampin
110. Deb Darby AUS
111. Yolande Jones
112. Jennifer Priest
113. Butternutsage
114. Sue Pardue
115. Jennine Chambers
116. Katie (1st card)
117. Lisa Brown
118. Tracee
119. Kadee
120. Susan Joyce
121. Abi Uk
122. ANge KeLLy
123. Ashley Newell
124. Karina
125. Sarah-Jane Kale’
126. Ines Tettamanti
127. Jude
128. Tessa
129. Mariana Grigsby
130. Lori
131. Cassandra Ervin
132. Gladys
133. Ms. Aaron B
134. Savitri
135. Chrissy
136. Lisa Harrolle
137. Brenda Weaver
138. Trish Hughes
139. Jo
140. Sara Hayes
141. Martina Gaydoul
142. Lynette Couper
143. Rosemary D
144. Angela Fehr
145. Tracey
146. Julia Aston
147. Dawn McVey (dawnsing)
148. Jennine Chambers take 2
149. Windy Robinson
150. Lynette Couper too :-)
151. Cindy Holshouser
152. Tracey S
153. Sheila H
154. Tiffany Heilman
155. Morgaine
156. Sharon Dines
157. Lynn
158. Susan
159. Julie Cluff
160. Joan – PR
161. Julie Martin
162. Natasha Murray from Australia
163. Odette
164. Nicole Abraham
165. *Sarah Martina*
166. Erika from IL
167. Chrissy Lux
168. kathie
169. Jennie
170. Cat Spicer
171. CIndy T..Baldwin KS
172. Tanja
173. Deanna (DeeWoodland)
174. elana k
175. Diane Hover
176. Bethany P
177. Kari V.
178. Courtney Baker
179. Julie Batta
180. Vera
181. stampmonkey
182. Jill
183. Randee E
184. Kelly Marie
185. Meg B
186. Susan C.
187. mimi paperie
188. Anthonette
189. Jen Caputo
190. Steph E
191. Sue C
192. Tracey Sarganis
193. Alberta
194. Janet Elam

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  1. I love these colours together, and those shoes are to die for!

  2. I get what you mean about the abundance of wonderful color combinations everywhere- walking to work in the morning, I feel like the busy city is one big moving art museum :-)

  3. Kristina, these are great colors – I have always wanted to play and finally got to – thanks for a great challenge.

  4. wow, I absolutely love this colour challenge, how elegant!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. What a great color combo! I had fun combining these colors with the Mojo Challenge this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Holy cow! I had a hard, hard time with this one. I wrote all about it in my post.

    And – do you ever make a card from your color inspirations? I would be interested in seeing what you would do with these colors (very challenging, I think) ;)

  7. Love these colors Kristina! This was my first attempt at a color challenge and it was SO much fun! Thanks for the inspiration and I’d love to see the rest of that skirt. Too cute!!

  8. Whoo I have entered my first ever Colour Inspiration Challenge.
    I wouldn’t have used these colours together normally – but was really happy with the finished result.
    I just hope I have set up the links correctly?

  9. My first try at the color inspiration – thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I love this weeks challenge, the colours work so well!

  11. I loved the skirt as well. It was very inspiring as those aren’t typically colors I would go for!

  12. Was fun to play along! I LOVE these colours in this combo! And I want those shoes!

  13. love these colours, but had to think a bit about this week!

  14. Love the colors this week. Heaps of fun – thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Tanks for the colour challenge, think I’m hooked, will be back for more next week.

  16. Love the skirt! The shoes, however, I MUST HAVE!!!!!! I have a horrible shoe addiction …almost as bad as my stamp addiction! Please ask your fashion-diva boss where she got these shoes!! Who makes them!?! I must add them to my collection!! heehee!! Thanx!!

  17. Hmmm I have posted a link twice and it doesn’t seem to be showing up!
    I will check back in a bit!

  18. Fun color combo, gets me to motivate!!

  19. Thanks for the fab combo. Now, PLEASE, tell me where you found those shoes!

  20. Wonderful colors. Love all the inspiration. Thanks, Kristina!!!

  21. Wow–there are a lot of oober talented people posting their cards–Amazing! Your blog is fun to visit and I so enjoy your color challenges! :)

  22. These colors were fun to play with. I’m glad I got to play…I thought I was too late. Thanks for your crafty inspirations.

  23. OMG! I love those shoes. Do you know who the designer is? I must have those shoes.

  24. Late, but did it nonetheless. Loved the color combination – thanks again for your great inspiration, Kristina!

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