Color Inspiration #56

Color Inspiration #56

Hello all!

This Color Inspiration Challenge photo comes from a shopping trip I took a few weeks back. I was in a local craft store and saw some of American Crafts’ gift wrap. So cute! I loved this collection when it was paper, so I absolutely love it in gift wrap too! Anyhow, I thought these bows had the cutest colors. :)

If you’d like to send a picture in to be considered for a Color Inspiration Challenge, read the details here.

Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.Deadline: Saturday, July 18 at 7:00 pm MT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link through the Mister Linky box.

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

Reader submissions for Color Inspiration #56:

1. Christina Hill
2. Dana Grothaus (danascott96)
3. Amy, Ottawa, Canada
4. Blair and Carly
5. Crafty Girl (Karin Hoag)
6. Heather
7. Anika Riar
8. Sheila (Madrid)
9. Chrissy V
10. Michèle Egemann
11. Onita VG
12. Donna
13. Michele aka DerbyLea
14. Pat Lundberg
15. Karla Urea
16. anne davis
17. Selene Kempton
18. Amanda Winkelman
19. Andrea Thompson~
20. Stacey Schafer
21. Terri E.
22. Courtney Baker
23. Amanda K
24. Amanda K
25. Yapha
26. Kylie
27. Michelle Woerner (sf9erfan)
28. Cindy Major
29. audrie magno
30. Madhvi
31. Travelingmama
32. Dunia
33. Shannon Holbird
34. Stasia Sloma
35. Laura :)
36. Isalan
37. Rosemarie Diehl
38. Elizabeth Goliber
39. Kerstin Lang
40. Ines Tettamanti
41. Kris Kilcoyne
42. Tessa Wise
43. Jennifer Kirk
44. ari macias
45. Heather Ruwe
46. ScrappyA
47. Katie
48. Melanie V
49. Maeghan
50. kelly marie
51. Toni
52. Agnieszka
53. Jennifer Miller
54. Tracee
55. EmmaH
56. Lisa J
57. Maureen P
58. Dawn W.
59. Ma Moreira
60. joy leith
61. Tracey Old NZL
62. Linda B
63. Farida Rone
64. Megan
65. Mae Collins (AUS)
66. Julie Davison
67. Lisa Harrolle
68. Sharnee Torrents :0)
69. Ashley Cannon Newell
70. Yaneri – ScrapyCrafter
71. Jane
72. Karen T
73. Amy Schultz
74. Nicole Derendorf (AUS)
75. Kelly Sawtell (AUS)
76. Amy Fleming NZL
77. ari macias
78. Kris Flynn
79. Karen M
80. Lorena (Uruguay)
81. Tina
82. Sabriena Satchwell
83. Sue Lelli
84. Ms. AaronB
85. Savitri Wilder
86. Caryl Hope
87. Jo
88. Rebekah
89. Linda Beeson
90. Winter Sims
91. Mariana Grigsby
92. Kelley Eubanks
93. Catherine T.
94. Milla
95. Dragana – Happy Inker
96. Mary-Frances
97. SMK
98. Natascha
99. Kelly Sawtell (AUS)
100. Holly
101. Alice W.
102. Brandy Quiles
103. Paula Funston (Australia)
104. Caroline Colgan
105. Linda Martinelli
106. Paula Funston (Aus) try2
107. Michelle Scott
108. Kimberly Trevino
109. Jaded
110. Dana Gustafson
111. ANge KeLLy
112. Kathryn Mangelsdorf (Australia)
113. Sandra – Stamperontheshore
114. Myran
115. Nadia
116. kelly marie no.2
117. KarenR (NZL)
118. Heather Cudmore
119. Mariana Grigsby
120. Ali Manning
121. Lynnette
122. Denni
123. Natasha from Australia
124. Brenda Weaver
125. Rosemary D
126. Nellie M.
127. Regan D’Agostino
128. Cindy Major
129. Deanna (DeeWoodland)
130. Laura Bassen
131. Barbara M
132. Aime
133. Tracee #2
134. Balogh
135. Kelly in Canada
136. Sheila H
137. Kelli Shea
138. Cannie Hunter
139. Mona L. Pendleton
140. Clouds :D
141. Audrie Magno
142. Clouds :D
143. Christine
144. Terrie – Paperologizt
145. Brooke Stockman
146. Sarah Martina
147. Jennie
148. Elise (2 cards!)
149. Janet Elam
150. Marisa G
151. Anthonette
152. Kathlene
153. Kathy V.
154. andie…
155. Mimi
156. Alyssa S
157. Karla U
158. Kirsten Brown

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  1. Sorry Kristina,

    I’ve entered mine twice because when I click on my link it goes to my blog but brings up errors and doesn’t display the card. I’m hoping it is just my computer playing silly buggers.


  2. Man! That was tough!! But lots of fun!! :)

  3. Hi Kristina! I’m a CIC virgin too! I have really enjoyed visiting your blog, and working with these colours: they went really well with the tulip stamp in my Garden Whimsy set. I’ve enjoyed using the ballet blue too: never really used it for a card. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. I love your challenges and I now have a blog! Here is my submission for this week’s challenge:…

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  5. I just added my link! Great challenge Kristina! :)

  6. So fun, can’t wait to see your card! ;)…

  7. I have to post a comment to Mr. Linky to pop up…..:)

  8. Had a BLAST with this challenge!

  9. I had so much fun playing with these colors! Thanks for another great color challenge!

  10. So pretty!!! I had a problem with my links, I think number 30 should be deleted (I don’t think it qualifies and it’s mine), but I don’t see the X for deleting it. Thanks for your help, and for the challenge,


  11. I’m sad … I couldn’t get mine to post yesterday. Here it is:

  12. I finally had a chance to work on my rainbow card this weekend for the challenge and found that the challenge was closed. It came out so cute, that I wanted to share it with you in the comments:

    Thank you for the challenge, I loved this color combo!

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