Bonus Video: White Gel Pen Comparison & Review

Hi all!

Ya’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with my white pen. A bit? Ha! Okay, lots. Anyhow, I wanted to try out some different white pens to see if there were better ones out there than the one I was using. The first white pen I bought after I started papercrafting was a Uni-ball Signo Broad gel pen. I love it and have always used it. But what if there was a better one? Or one that was better in specific instances?

So, I decided a review and comparison video was needed. (Plus, I got to go shopping for pens–which I’ve loved to do for as long as I can remember. I have a ridiculous collection of pens).

This video has been hanging out on my computer for a while now and I just now had the chance to edit and upload it. A picture of the results is below the video (be sure to click on it to see it REALLY big). See the video below, or over at YouTube.

I had some “surprising” results with one of the pens. LOL!

White Pen Comparison

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  1. Love, love, love white pens! Honestly, Signo Uni-ball is the only one I have ever tried and I love it. I’m excited to hear that you are going to do more comparisons on different products.
    Off the topic, but I have one question. Can you emboss over the VersaMarker? Is that the idea for this pen? Everyone probably knows the answer to this except me. Excuse my ignorance :( Wanted to be sure before I bought it. Thanks for another fab video. Have an awesome weekend.

    • I’ve tried embossing with a VersaMarker but it wasn’t with great results. The ink dried too quickly. If you’re looking for a marker that does work well with embossing, try Ranger’s Embossing Pens. I used one a few weeks back on a MACM card. :)

      • I learned to emboss over an erasable inkpen. I’ve never tried the VersaMarker, but PaperMate EraserMate does the job for me!

  2. Thanks for the video. I am totally addicted to pens, it doesn’t even matter what color they are. In case everyone didn’t know, has an amazing selection of pens and a whole section dedicated to white pens. They are the best!

  3. so glad you made that comparison. now i can buy one that works. i have the marvy excel, but i’m not incredibly stoked about it, and i have another one i bought when i was in china, and it’s okay too. i’ll have to get the uniball one and the poster paint pen that someone else was talking about.

  4. Sakura Japan names their pens differently than Sakura USA… The Aqualip pens are the Japanese version of the Sakura Glaze pens produced by sakura USA. has reviews that point this out and they sell Tiara pens which are identical to Sakura Stardust pens here.

    Thanks for the videos! I love watching them :)

  5. Thanks you so much for doing that video.. I have been looking for a good one to try out some “faux stitching”. Great idea for a video too!

  6. Very interesting! That’s weird with the Sakura pen. Thanks so much for the review!

  7. Thanks, Kristina! I love my uni-ball Signo broad pen but found that it was a bit too thick for some of the finer detailed stuff I wanted to do. I will see what the Michaels here in Canada has to offer. I would love to have the uni-ball Angelic. A quick question…I have noticed over the past few months that you have been switching corner rounder punches and was wondering why the change.

    • The We R Memory Keeper has two different sizes of punches. It’s a bit more convenient, plus I can stand it up in the rotating carousel thingy. :)

  8. This was good information! Thanks! I really like the side by side comparison of the pens.

  9. I have one of those sakura aqualip. you should try do like some resist with this pen..
    It looks really cool :)

  10. Thanks, Kristina, for the great comparison. Any chance you’ll do a comparison on adhesives? Sure would appreciate it as so many options and use so much of it so pricing would also be a bit helpful. Thanks for all your great tips and inspiration!

  11. This is great! I just went and bought the Sakura White gel pen at Aaron Brothers. I couldn’t find the Uni-Ball Signo. The Sakura pen reminds me of the Pilot Choose pen. I’ll keep looking for the Signo since the color is brighter and makes the faux stitching really stand out. Thank you for doing the comparison!! It was very helpful.

  12. Thanks for the review on the different white pens out there. I have the Signo Broad white pen and I really like it. I’ve never seen the Angelica one before and like how it looks like a finer line in your video. I will have to look for it.

    There is one white pen that you didn’t do a review for that I am wondering about – the Tombow Mono White Gel Pen. Do you know anything about that one?

  13. Thanks so much for doing that! I have the UNiBall Broad, now there are 2 others I need to go in search of.

  14. Great review! I own the UniBall Broad, but I think I also need the Angellic for my fine details :)

  15. great video, thanks for doing it!

  16. Thanks for testing out the pens. I have been thinking about buying some, but didn’t know which one would work best.

  17. Thanks heaps for the review video Kristina, it was good to see how some of the other brands stacked up. I only own one white pen – the Uniball Signo and find sometimes that the ink stops flowing and I have to go back over it, which can make it look messy. But it could just be the way I hold and write with it?? I might try the thinner Uni-ball Angelic to see how that one goes.

    I would love you to do a review of embossing powders, stamp pads/pens. I havent bought any of these items yet and would really like to see if there is much difference between all the brands.

    cheers :)

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