Finally Friday – So Lucky to Know You

Finally Friday - So Lucky to Know You

I’m not a person who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day beyond wearing a bit of green (sad, I know). So when I received so many requests for a St. Patrick’s Day card, I was baffled. Really? St. Patrick’s Day? Alright then…

So this is my version of a St. Patrick’s Day card. :) It suggests the holiday, but it isn’t blatantly obvious. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and this week I tried out the Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter. Thanks so much for all the tips! They definitely came in handy! I think the general consensus is this: Temporarily adhere the paper your cutting to your cutting mat, make sure the blade is seated all the way into the circle cutter, and find the direction and speed that is most comfortable for you while firmly holding down the circle cutter. I did find that I was slightly more successful if I rotated the blade clockwise and rather quickly. But it might be different for others.

All in all, I think you just need practice to master a new tool. I remember having some frustrations when I was first using my Coluzzle, too. But with time, all those concerns eased up and now I love my Coluzzle. I think I might like the Martha Stewart Simple Circle Cutter as well. :)

Anyhow, enjoy!

Create a St. Patrick’s Day card. Upload your creation to the TwoPeas gallery and it will appear at the bottom of this week’s Finally Friday page. :)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

Patterned Paper: Poppy Seed Mat Pad (K & Company)
Solid Cardstock: Vintage Cream (Papertrey Ink)
Embellishments: E Line Flowers in green (Prima); button (SEI); satin ribbon (craft supply)
Miscellaneous: Simple Circle Cutter (Martha Stewart Crafts)

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  1. FYI: The circle cutters with those blades work better (and smoother) when used with a glass mat. I’ve even used the glass out of an old picture frame.

  2. That was very enlightening! I’ve been wondering about the MS Circle Cutter for a year now, never buying it because I haven’t found any positive demos not done by a representative of Martha. Perhaps you could think about doing a demo video of circle cutters. I would be very interested in that. You could compare punches to coluzzles to this…

    Anyway, the card was very cute! I was surprised that you didn’t center anything in the circle, but I really like that you didn’t! It’s such a beautiful design!

  3. Hi Kristina. Great card! I was just wondering if you could tell me why sometimes you score your cardstock and sometimes you don’t? Does it have to do with the type? Thanks!
    - April

    • Yes. Papertrey Ink cardstock in white and cream tend to crack a LOT if you don’t score. In fact, even when you do score it, sometimes its cracks.

  4. First of all, lovely card!!

    I recently bought the MS circle cutter, and so far I’m not that impressed. The little foam “feet” on the bottom don’t do much to hold it in place. I have resorted to putting the tiniest bit of sticky tack to hold it in place, that seems to work, BUT I have to press harder to get through my paper (cardstock).

    I have a project that I’m working on where I have to cut out 100 circles from cardstock paper. This tool doesn’t seem like it was meant to cut cardstock, I have to push really hard. Of course, that could be because I have the extra height by adding the sticky tack.

    I guess I just need more practice, but so far every circle I cut, I get little “tails”. Plus it’s hard to center when you want to cut a printed design because you don’t really know exactly where you’re cutting.

    Thanks for the tips!

  5. This color combo is so inspiring. Thank you so much. I love it!

  6. Another beautiful card Kristina!
    Do you have any plans on trying out the Creative Memories cutting system?

  7. Have you tried SU’s new Circle Scissor Plus? I really like it. It has a “hand guard”, for lack of a better term, that is really helpful when cutting. It keeps your hand out of the way if you’re making larger cuts.

    And I’ve found it best to put temp. tape on my paper too.

  8. Beautiful card, as always. I’m glad to see you using the Martha Stewart circle cutter, which is the one I own. I like it a lot and, as you’ve notice, it only requires a bit of practice and adhering the paper to your working surface. I’d like to also warn you: those blades are really sharp and, if you’re not careful when removing the protective cap, they can cut your finger tips like it’s no big deal. I had a couple of accidents trying to get things done too fast and too late at night. So just be careful ;)

  9. I don’t know I stumbled on your blog this evening, but here I am LOVING your cards and design. Your style is very similar to mine (or I should mine to yours since I intend to imitate SO many of your cards!) – - it’s simple and graphic and the beauty is in the little, simple things.

    Oh, and I love a girl that loves the Kraft as much as I do. I have a major thing for Kraft paper. I must be in good company! I’m definately going to add you to my Favorites and will check back often!

  10. Nice card and I love the colors. TFS!I am not familiar with the meaning of St. Patrick’s day but I wish everyone who celebrates, a good one!!

  11. ………………THUD!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing this card – I don’t celebrate St Pat’s day either and this is a nice twist on the theme.
    I have to ask you something that I recently noticed with your photos. Why are you not watermarking them?
    I have to admit to printing off photos of cards for inspiration and I came across a card without a watermark. I wanted to case it but I wasn’t sure who to give credit to for the original.
    Just wondering…

    • I only watermark ones for my blog only. The photos I share here from TwoPeas are their property and copyright, so I don’t watermark them.

  13. Love this card and the muted colors. What you did with the circle is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Kristina, love what you did with the circle cutter and the card rocks! :)

  15. HI Kristina,
    I love this card. I loved how you adhered the sentiment to the flower
    it was so neat and clean!

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