Readers’ Choice Color Inspiration No. 1

HI all! The photo submissions were voted on, and the top photos was this one by Amy! So, here’s the very first Readers’ Choice Color Inspiration No. 1. I’m planning to use the rest of the top five over the next month or so to issue more color challenges, so those will be coming in the future as well.

So this is like the color challenges of yester year. :) Jump on in and create something to share!

Oh, and if any of you find a spam link, please contact me. Thanks!

Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 pm MDT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link below (also, the time remaining is displayed next to the “Add your link” button).

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

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  1. Congrats Amy! Beautiful photo and colors!!

  2. This is so exciting! I have been reading your blog and I am so glad I’ll be able to participate this time. I will post my card this time around :)

  3. Oh what yummy beachy colors…Maybe I shouldn’t grab a margarita before I make my card….HMMMMM…


    • In case you are interested, I tried to find some best match colors in my Copic Collection. Here’s what I found:

      Boo Frost Blue
      G82 Spring Dim Green
      RV32 Shadow Pink
      RV00 Water Lily
      N2 Neutral Gray

      I’m sure there are a few other matches too but thought I’d share with your readers too.

  4. I’m so excited that I won. And the colours you’ve chosen to match are beautiful! xx

  5. This was fun! The color combination is GORGEOUS and made the card come together so easily!

  6. Love the icons to look at!

  7. The thumbnails make this SO much easier to navigate than the previous Color Inspiration challenges!

  8. Great challenge Kristina! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I’m loving everyone’s posts! So inspiring! Great job everyone!

  10. Kristina, When I added my link, I chose by mistake the color inspiration photo. If you want me to change it let me know. I could not delete and re-do it or I would have. The challenge was fun! Nice to have your inspirations back!

  11. Great Inspiration. (Kristina I really missed your inspiration! Great you´re back!) It was so much fun to play along.
    Congrats to Amy!

  12. Such pretty colours! Thanks Kristina :-)

  13. Aww… I missed the submission so close! Oh, well. Here’s what I would have submitted:

  14. A wonderful challenge love it and can’t wait until it is my turn in week 3

    Hugs Carol xx


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