Readers’ Choice Color Inspiration No. 3

Okay! Are you ready for the next challenge? This time it’s from Carol. :)

I really love these colors, too! :) The purples are so pretty. (Purple seems to be a running theme for the last few challenges. Hm. Weird). Anyway, have fun with it! And remember to use all the colors in the color combination. That’s part of the challenge. :)

Just like Readers’ Choice Color Inspiration No. 1, this one is like the color challenges of yester year. :) Jump on in and create something to share!

Oh, and if any of you find a spam link, please contact me. Thanks!

Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Saturday, June 12 at 12:00 pm MDT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link below (also, the time remaining is displayed next to the “Add your link” button).

Grab this week’s swatch-only image. (If you’re having trouble saving the swatch-only image, try right-clicking on the link and then on “open in new window”).

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  1. Oh good, this one was one of my favorites! I love the purples too but I found it hard to photograph. In the last challenge the purple looked dark blue. Any tips?

  2. Love the colors!

  3. Great colours I was worried that the browns looked grey in the photo but you got it spot on, loving this.

    Carol D

  4. Wow, these colors are great too. I’m off now, going on to be creativ :-). Hugs Nadia

  5. Thanks again for hosting these!! Hope you like my submission for this week.

  6. Hi Kristina,
    Oops…Something went wrong when I tried to link my card. Is there anyway to fix the “no thumbnail” icon?


    • You can retry submitting. It looks like it didn’t pull the image because you were possibly logged into you account when you put the link in (the system thinks it needs to be logged in to see the card). I would try logging out, finding your image, and then copying and pasting that address. That way the system doesn’t need to be logged in to see the card. I suspect that’s the issue. But I might be wrong.

  7. I had so much FUN doing this! It’s a very beautiful combo and it got me thinking in a whole new direction. I love challenges that help me create cards I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

  8. This was definitely a fun color combination!! =)

  9. Oh wow, what a stunning combination! Must try this one, it’s so pretty! Thanks Kristina :)

  10. I am having so much fun with these challenges! Thanks so much for all the time you put into them and making them available to us Color Inspiration junkies!

  11. Thanks for the lovely colour combo. I hadn’t stamped for a month so desperately needed some inspiration.

  12. I bet it’s really hard for you to choose, I come back everyday to look and i love them all…

  13. oops, I guess I’m too late! the time zone threw me off…I should know better:)…

    So glad you’re back with color inspirations, Kristina!

  14. Darn it! Missed the challenge by a couple of hours because I read the deadline wrong. Oh well! Thought I’d post my link here anyway:…

  15. Oh, so late. Totally read the calendar wrong. How can I not even know what week we’re in?!?…


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