Why do you make cards?

I didn’t start out making cards. I started as a scrapbooker. I loved pulling items together, I loved creating something, I loved working with paper, and I loved ribbon. But like most of my artistic phases, soon I wasn’t taking quite as many photos and didn’t have much to scrapbook. What’s a paper-loving ribbon-obsessed person to do?

Start making cards. :)

Why do you make cards?

Answer in the comments.

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  1. Several years ago, a dear friend of mine invited me to a Stampin’ Up demo party. I had absolutely no interest in going. I never thought of myself as a creative or crafty. She finally wore me down and I went and LOVED it. What has kept me card making I think is the therapeutic quality to it. It’s a great creative outlet (especially when I never thought I was a creative person). The best part is that the whole purpose of a card is that it’s meant to be given away. I’ve always loved receiving mail (the non-bill/ non-junk mail variety). I think personal letters and cards just are so meaningful to the recipient. Even when there’s no special occasion or reason for the card, it just lets someone know that you were thinking of them. Sending a card often results in a call, a return card or email from the recipient telling me just how much it meant to them…that this piece of paper with embellishments came at just the right time, when their spirits needed a lift. It really is so much more personal and meaningful that the email or Facebook posts that we use to keep in touch so often today.

  2. I didn’t start out as a scrapbooker (the first things I made were bookmarks when I was around 10), but it did lead me to card making. I wanted to make a scrapbook for my oldest friend for her 18th birthday and whilst searching on the net for more information I got so overwhelmed I kind of collapsed at the first hurdle. However, I had all these supplies and didn’t know what to do with them, that was until I discovered your blog. Initially I was plagued by all these fears (would I be able to make really nice ones, would the people I gave them to like them etc), but in the end I thought “what the hell!” and just leapt in and I haven’t looked back since. Card making for me isn’t just about the giving or the creative thinking that’s involved, it’s a form of relaxation and has helped me get through one of the most stressful years of my life.

  3. I make four cards at a time now. Then I make up sets of three to give to friends and acquaintances as a gift for them to send. The one card I keep is for me to send but I do not send that many cards. Mini art and a blessing is on all my cards. Passion for the creation is my kick out of this. Your inspiration is priceless. Thank you.

  4. I got my first rubber stamps in the 1980s, mostly teddy bears as I remember. I dived into scrapbooking with the birth of my first granddaughter in 1993 and was hooked. Eventually, I’d made so many scrapbooks that storage was a problem, and the idea that I was going to eventually dump dozens of 12×12 3″ thick tomes on my progeny slowed me down. So, I’ve turned back to cards (okay, and mini-albums too), but cards you get give away and someone else gets to enjoy and deal with them! I love being able to do mini art projects while thinking of a friend, play with the colors and paper and ribbons, then send them off with some love for others to enjoy. If I want to hold on to them, I store a digital photo. It’s fun and satisfying!

  5. I am not at all artistic, but i can make cards. I like to think that every card is made with love and therefore i am spreading my love. I often get people who recieve a card say that it lifted their spirits, and that is so powerful and beautiful to do in this day and age. I think we can make cards and say what sometimes is hard to say face to face, but is easier to say with a card.

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