Video: How to Trace Images in Silhouette Studio

Hi all! Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to my Silhouette Studio how-to videos! It sounds like there are a lot of you just starting out with your Silhouette cutting machine (or re-discovering it as was my case).

I was creating a title for a scrapbook page and decided I would bring y’all along with me. :)

In this video I show how to trace an image in Silhouette Studio for cutting. I started out in Adobe Illustrator, but you can use any image that has a good amount of contrast. Dark black shapes seem to trace better than colorized images.

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

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  1. Thanks for the video, Kristina! I haven’t used my Silhouette as much as I would have liked to since the new software, and these videos are a great help for me to figure out the new software! Thank you! ;D

  2. Kristina …I’m always happy to see how the Silhouette works as I’m thinking of getting one when I save up the money..
    Once you were taking about a project you were doing and commented that the Silhouette cut sharper than you cricut….Sharp images are important to me for some designs.
    I’m always happy to see a tut on the Silhouette. Thank you for doing them. I’m learning a lot about composition and design from watching you doing your cards..Love it.


  3. Thanks Kiristina! I was wondering about the trace tool and now I know how to use it!

  4. this is really helpful – thank you!

  5. Thanks Kristina for the info. I have been wondering can I use Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to create the shape for cut-out? Now I know it can, same as pat p, really needed to start saving up some money 1st, as I have been thinking to get one too.

  6. Great tutorial! I have a question… How did you write -Mannie-, did you write by hand or with the pen in Photoshop?

    Thanks so much for all the videos (:

  7. Thank you so much Kristina for posting this. It is great to see all the How TO’s for this great tool!
    I can’t wait to get one.

    I have an iPad app that is called Penultimate and I love writing in it. I have always thought that would be so cool on a card. Thanks so much for this video. I can just import the Penultimate image and cut that!

    Great job and I cant wait to see more of these videos.


  8. Keep up the awesome Silhouette videos Kristina!! I think this machine has so many endless possabilities. I wish I knew more about graphic design because I think it would be helpful in using this amazing tool!!! I love how you can cut such intricate and amazing files!!

  9. omgsh…you’re making me want all this s/w and the silhouette….

  10. Yes!!!!! More Silhouette videos!!!!!!! Please. I learned SO MUCH with the Video when you made the curved topped card in the silhouette. I pulled up the video on our desk top and followed along with my lap top. It taught me so much. Thanks. I haven’t had the chance to follow along the last silhouette video, BUT BELIEVE ME I WILL.
    Thanks and keep them coming!!!

  11. i have a cricut, i was wondering if cricut allows you to do this same type of process.
    can you please do a tutorial using the Cricut Expression.

    thank you

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! I actually went back to the old software to do print&cut because when I open up a jpeg in the new software the size is huge (not sure why…). But sooner or later I’ll give the new software a try again. Thanks!

  13. Timely & great post! Thanks so much! I am making a wall dec for a friend’s new babies room & none of the Cricut or Silhouette swirls were quite right…. after seeing this I thought – duh make your own! I have an old old old Wacom I never use but did & it worked great! I used inkscape…. realized when you said you used Illustrator & imported into Photoshop that Photoshop wasn’t built for drawing…. and understood why I used to think my tablet was junk! It was definitely an “a ha!” moment.

    Have you used inkscape – is Illustrator significantly better? Inkscape seemed cumbersome to me… but the free part is nice.

  14. I was wondering how to do that! I have some digital titles that I would like to cut! Thank you!

  15. Thank you Kristina for your wonderful tutorials! I tried to do this just yesterday and couldn’t figure out what I was doing and was pressed for time so I gave up on it. Thank you and I hope you have lots of love in your life and enough chocolate! :)


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