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Hi all! Just posted a new video for BasicGrey (it’s at the bottom of this post), this time using the Perhaps Digital Collection (Starter Kit and Borders) and the Kraft Journaling Spots.

I’ve totally been using all my iPhone photos for scrapbooking pages for the last year or so. I don’t think my big DSLR camera has been used for photographing anything other than cards and pages for almost a year. Shhh! Don’t tell! As I said a few weeks ago, I love my iPhone apps! So, this page has a couple iPhone photos. :)

Since starting to sew a few months ago, I’m finally piecing together my first quilt! Just strips of polka dot fabric. No pattern really. Just random strips. :) I ended up ordering a HUGE die for my Big Shot machine that cuts fabric strips that are the size of jelly roll strips (2.5″ wide). I bought mine from since they were having a sale, but you can get the die from Create For Less for nearly the same price I paid. Just be sure to get the cutting pads, too. This sucker is LONG! 26″ long to be exact. You’ll need the longer cutting pads.

Anyway, I cut all my strips from this quilt in about 7 minutes! It was so slick! The die can cut up to 6 layers of fabric at once. So glad I bought it! Especially since I’m not so good at cutting fabric yet. I don’t think I would have attempted something like this without having that die.


The polka dot fabric I used is a bunch of Michael Miller Ta Dots fabric. I ordered this fat quarter bundle from an awesome seller on Etsy. Highly recommend her store, Fabric Shoppe. Super fast shipping. I used the yellow dots from the fat quarter bundle for a different project. Otherwise they’d be in this quilt, too. I was able to get six 2.5″ wide strips from each fat quarter. There was a bit of excess leftover that I might use for a small block on the back of the quilt.

In the photo on the digital page above, Mannie is sitting on top of the quilt (he didn’t stay long, naughty kitty!). Here’s a better photo of the beginnings of the quilt. It will most likely be a baby quilt. Don’t know anyone expecting a baby real soon, so if you’re a friend or family member and you haven’t told me you’re expecting yet, pipe up! It could be yours! LOL!

In the photo you can also see the small ironing board I use. And a bit of the little travel iron I use, too. :)


Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

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  1. Mannie is a classic, haha! You’ll learn, Kristina, that cats LOVE quilts, it’s just a natural affinity. They also love piles of fabric, get your defurring brush ready. :-)

  2. Hey Kristina,
    Cool project! Hey my cousin is expecting a baby boy in may! She already has to twin girls…that gonna be a handful!

  3. I have recently purchased PSE for my PC, and I follow your videos as tutorials. I have learned so much already. I’LL open your video on my work PC, right next to my home PC on my desk, and try to copy your work stroke for stroke. My goal is to remember the keyboard shortcuts as readily as you do. Your layouts are fun, and take me through all the basic usable skills. Thank you — and PLEASE, keep them comin’! P.S. Mannie is precious. He always makes good subject material. :)

  4. Oh wow, can you film a demo of the fabric cutting? Sounds awesome!! Great Monday card btw!

  5. Adorable quilt! I wish I was a close friend or family member so you could give it to my daughter who is expecting in November!

  6. You really design The Best scrapbook pages.

  7. Kristina: I’m starting to build quite a collection of digital papers, embellishments and other elements. It feels like Christmas everyday! But just like stamping and card-making materials, organized storage is the key to getting the most out of the products. How do you keep your digital “supplies” organized? Do you load everything onto your hard drive or do you keep collections on disks? However you keep things stored, do you print out hard copies in sheets you can flash through quickly? I know these things have been already thought through by people much more clever than I. What have you found to work best for you?

    • I keep all digital kits on an external hard drive. They are in individual folders with the name of the kit on it. I also don’t print anything out because I use Adobe Bridge (it comes with Photoshop Elements or Creative Suite) to flip through the images. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! I have SOOOO much to learn! But I am wholly excited to start.

  8. Kristina, I know this is an “elementary school” question– but how do you take Mannie’s picture with your cell phone and don’t end up with the dreaded scary glowing animal eyes? I took pictures of my cat and I wouldn’t dare use it in a layout–it would scare the children. I’m not using an iPhone, just an LG with the android apps. I tried looking under your photography category for an answer to my silly question, but I may have missed it. Thanks from STL.

  9. As usual your inspiration is magnetic — and Mannie — well, ever the precious photo subject. He’ll always love anything you make with strips of fabric. Thanks for sharing your projects. Look for each and every one. :)

  10. oh my gosh Kristina! you will be an excellent quilter! Love your style!

  11. also that is an adorable kit and a lovely page!


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