90% of real crafters make real messes

90% of real crafters make real messes. (As opposed to… fictional messes? I digress…)
10% make messes and clean them up right away. I am not in that 10%. ;)

NOTE: Totally made up statistics. But I think it’s pretty true. :)

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  1. Fantastic! This makes me feel more like a normal person, since my crafting area is never, NEVER clean.

  2. My girlfriend insists that I clean up each time when I’m done. So if I’m in there for 10 minutes, I have to clean up…luckily in 10 minutes not alot of mess is made. My desk would look like your does if she didn’t insist on me cleaning up. (she comes over each Friday to craft and she needs the area to be clean in order to think and create.) I would only clean up (without my friend’s insistence) when I ran out of room to work….that’s a huge motivator.

  3. To totally steal JulieHRR’s comment, “I really, *really* {heart} you. Truly.” My craft room is a disaster and yes, I’m proud of it. I’m even more proud of the wonderful cards, scrapbooks and other creative things that come out of that disaster room. Besides, this is why God created doors. May I just say how much I love this community, it makes me feel like I belong in an ever increasing group of friends. Blessings to all of you!

  4. I almost hate to say it, but I like to clean up my space after each layout (blush). I think it mostly has to do with having such a small space, it’s just easier to find stuff when it’s put away. Plus, my scrap space is in the living room for all to see & I never know just how long I’ll be able to work on a project & I don’t want Gabbie (my kitty) to “help” me while I’m away.

  5. OMG i love this post :)

  6. I am so glad I am not alone!!! ( I think I have to show my husband). I have a huge room with 2 tables that gives me a 6′ x 16′ table and it is full! More room more mess! but what beautiful cards and albums. My daughter laughs because I have this little clear spot to do my YouTube videos! Sorry no photos to show you.

  7. Ok, I worked on cards until late last night so I posted what my scrap space looks like this morning – no I didn’t clean up last night (gasp). I can be messy – actually if you saw the rest of my house you’d know how true that is (paper crafting is so much more fun than cleaning!).

  8. Wow…MArtina!!

  9. First of all thanks Kristina. I found going and looking at everyone’s mess totally inspiring. I love when my room is neat, but it never stays that way. When I create I make one heck of a HUGE mess. Love it.

  10. Oh, you don’t know how much better I feel right now! And I’d love to come work in each space! They remind me of my own!

  11. My sentiments exactly. What a great post.

  12. I JUST moved into a different scrap area so mine isn’t too awful yet :) Usually it looks pretty awful. I shared a link of the photos I took last week when it was actually clean! LOL

  13. You just made me realise that my craft room isn’t that bad after I had seen yours. But let’s face it, as messy as it can get we crafters always know where everything is, even down to the last pin…
    Thanks for a great post!
    Lynn :)

  14. I would agree with you. I am very organized and neat at my office at work and my home in general. Organizing is one of my strengths. But, in my stamping room that all changes. I create alot and I am always pulling out paper, ribbon, cardstock ect., to keep myself inspired. Stampers have lots of little things too that make a space “look” messy like buttons, flowers, markers…..
    So, I just go with it. When I go to blogs were there are professional papercrafters or magazines, like Where Women Create, I feel better b/c their space is messy too. That tells me it is universal and part of the process.
    Now, I do have to say that in between each big project I do a big clean up so I can have a clear head and space to start another project. I do that at work too, I have to clean off my desk before I leave each day, that way when I come in the next morning I feel like I can start fresh.
    Thank you for showing us pictures Kristina, it is very justifying.

  15. My desk looks exactly the same as yours I had to blink o make sure it wasn’t mine. I have tried to clean up after but it doesn’t work for me.

  16. I love knowing I am not alone! This is what my desk looks like always! I feel human now!

  17. Thank You so much for sharing. I’ve have been spinning my wheels trying to stay organized and craft at the same time, but I guess organized and crafting is like an “oxymoron” lol. Ok I can relax and craft in bliss now. Smooches…

  18. THANK GOD! My dining room table looks like a war zone…I always say, “it helps” my creativity when things are in disaray! It kills me to clean it up for company but a girl’s gotta do…what a girl’s gotta do! I’m glad I am NOT the only one that doesn’t have a martha stewart perfect area!!!

    Your handwriting is awesome too!

  19. YEAH !! Now I don’t feel so bad my craft room is a HOT MESS !!!

  20. I totally relate! I blogged about this back in January calling my post “a real crafter in Georgia” (kind of my take on the Real Housewives show title). I knew there were others out there :)

  21. Love the reaction this has spurred!! So clever and true :)

  22. I love it, I keep wanting to do something with my room. This is the first site i’ve seen where my area fits in. Thanks.
    Maybe now i’ll let go of the perfect room and jsut make mine alittle more user freindly.
    Thanks again =^..^= Ruthann

  23. I love the plastic drawer full of Essie NailPolishes…. I have a lot of them all around my craft table… I guess, working with your hands and looking at your horrible nails ignites the urge to paint them!!! Love the post!!

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