Virtual Card Club – MACM Favorites Vol. 1 (Sketches for Mannie)

UPDATE (4/25/11 @ 2:25 PM)

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for my blog readers! Y’all are amazing! So many messages of encouragement. And so many of you have bought the Sketches for Mannie PDF in this post, too. We’ve nearly reached the total of the vet bill, and any extra sales from the Sketches for Mannie PDF will either be donated to the animal shelter or to the animal hospital to help the next sick kitty who needs medical attention. Sales from regular Virtual Card Clubs will continue to fund the web hosting for this blog. Thank you all so much! :)

Hi all! I hope your Easter weekend is wonderful. :)

Unfortunately, my weekend has been stressful and worrisome. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’ve been watching Mannie really closely as he healed from a UTI. While at the vet last Monday night, he mentioned that I should watch Mannie and if he has any trouble using the litterbox I needed to bring him in right away as sometimes a UTI can advance to a urinary blockage, which is fatal within 12-24 hours if left untreated. So I was on the watch out for anything less than normal.

Last night around 8:00, Mannie started pacing and meowing, and sort of just wandering around. Sometimes walking to his litterbox and then turning around. His meow was really strange. Different. I can’t pinpoint what was different about other than to say it sort of sounded like he was crying. :(

I was on the phone with my sister and keeping an eye out for Mannie when he walked over to his litterbox and got inside of it as if he was going to pee. He circled around in the box, paused, and then sort of cried out. He did this a few times and I was giving the play-by-play to my sister (she has cats, too).

“Alright. I’ve had enough. I’m taking him to the vet,” I said and packed up Mannie and we spent the next 4 hours at the emergency vet office. While the vet was palpitating Mannie’s bladder he started hissing and growling. I’ve NEVER heard him hiss or growl, so we knew he was in a lot of pain.

Yes, he had a urinary blockage and they would need to put a catheter in right away to release the pressure on his bladder. While the vet did paperwork and got things ready for Mannie, I just stood next to the examination table. Mannie was rolled up in a little ball against the wall and wouldn’t let me hold him. It was so sad and I totally lost it. The vet just handed me some tissues and I signed the paper to have Mannie hospitalized for the next two days.

I’ve received a couple phone updates from the vet since I left the office a bit after midnight. Mannie is doing well currently, just zoned out on Valium and other meds to help him get better. He was a bit distressed by the catheter and couldn’t seem to get comfortable, but the vet said they moved some things around and he’s resting comfortably now. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait to visit him until regular business hours tomorrow. I’ll stop by on my way to work in the morning and check up on him and see how he’s doing.

Sketches for Mannie

Whew! Long story short, Mannie is one expensive kitty. But very worth it. In order to pay for Mannie’s vet bill, I’ve put together a PDF of card sketches based on Make a Card Monday cards. Just $5 like the usual VCC.

The $5 PDF includes cards and sketches from my Make a Card Monday series. Just some of my favorites from the last 18 months. I’m hoping to backtrack and do sketches for all the cards eventually, but to get started, these are my recent favorites.

This Virtual Card Club PDF includes 15 pages of cards and sketches. Simply view it on screen, or you can print it out for use away from your computer. :)

What is Virtual Card Club?

For those of you new to VCC, it’s the way I share new and fun ideas with my blog readers. Not only do you get to follow along with the projects I create by using your own supplies, but it’s a great way to show your support. The money from VCC goes to maintaining the web hosting for this blog paying for Mannie’s vet bill (just this VCC, anyway). :) For only $5 you get high quality photos and ideas. All you have to do is break out your supplies and get started!

NOTE: Supplies are NOT included. You must use your own supplies. Virtual Card Club is essentially an online class.

Anyhow, enjoy! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. :)
You’ll also need Adobe Reader to view the PDF file. Download it for free here.

Virtual Card Club – MACM Favorites Vol. 1, $5 US

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NOTE: Depending on how you pay through PayPal (credit card vs. e-check), you might be able to download the PDF file immediately after submitting payment. If not presented with the opportunity to download immediately, a download link will be emailed to your PayPal email address. The system is automated, so requests for the PDF to be sent to a different email address cannot be accommodated. Thanks!

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NOTE: If you ordered the MACM Sketches PDF and did not receive the correct file, please contact me. Thanks!

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  1. Glad to hear Mannie is doing better. My cat Alex, who just passed away a couple of weeks ago, suffered from UTI on and off all his life. So like one of the other posters said, it will be something that you need to keep an eye for. Alex had a very long and happy life so you don’t need to worry about that it will harm Mannie in the long term.

    Got got my download and glad I could support the cause!

    • George, our cat had the exact same thing and had to be cath’d twice. Finally on the third time, they decided to turn a certain piece of anatomy inside out. $3500 later he’s a new man/woman, well, he still looks like George but no more uti blockages. He’s just fine and dandy. Suggest you feed him the food for cats inclined to UTI’s. Pretty readily available.

  2. Our first cat, Molly, had the same problem. We ended up reading every label for cat food. The good stuff is out there and sure worth any extra $$ so your Manie won’t have to go thru this again. With our next cat I just stayed with the good food and never had a problem with him. You are such a good and responsible Manie owner. Some folks don’t care. So glad you do!
    Scratch Manie under the neck for me!

  3. Just bought your MACM Vol. 1 to help support Mannie’s veterinary care. I check your blog every day and enjoy the little snippets about Mannie. You give so much to all of us, and I wanted to give back a little something to you. Best of luck to you and Mannie!

  4. Hi Kristina, I’m buying the VCC kit right now!!! Poor Mannie!!! I’m praying for him and for you to have the strength. It’s so hard to love those little bundles of fur and not be broken-hearted when you know they are hurting and you can’t personally fix it. I hope he gets better very quickly with no recurrences. I love hearing him talk to you when you’re making videos. You’re a very good mommy to Mannie! Sending you hugs!!!

  5. Kristina,
    My husband and I can’t wait for Monday’s and Friday’s because of your vidoes. We have a beagle, his name is Baxter. When Mannie meows on your vidoes Baxter runs over to the computer and cocks his head to the side like he is looking for the Kitty. Baxter loves cats, his sister (yes, a cat) passed away a little over a year ago and to this day I swear he is looking for her. Thank you for bringing so much creative joy to our lives. Best Wishes for a healthy Mannie!
    Kris & Chris Fox

  6. My thoughts are with you. Our cat, Keeton, who will soon be 18, has never had a UTI but almost died from undetected hyperthyroidism. We are so lucky to have caught it, and he is doing well three years later with medication twice a day. Keeton sleeps on my pillow with me everynight so I unerstand how much you miss Mannie! He will soon be well and meowing on your videos again!

  7. I’m glad to hear Mannie is doing better. The pdf is great ! Lots of love to Mannie :D

  8. I hope Mannie will feel much better soon. I have purchased a VCC. My have two kitties in kitty heaven. I know what it is like when they are sick. The worry and helplessness you feel. I hope Manny get well and stays around for a very long time.

  9. Hi there, I’ve just bought the Mannie pdf so that there is a little more money for the fund. I am thrilled that Mannie is okay and that you are both back to normal now. Both of my cats were poisoned (what a story) a couple of weeks ago and I was completely distraught, but they many vet trips later they are both fine and dandy. Give Mannie a little pat from me and tell him that his fellow cat lovers are so glad he’s okay now. xxx

  10. So happy to hear that Mannie will be ok. I have a lot of experience with male cats, and everyone should know that they need to drink a lot of water so investing in a water fountain can save you a lot at the vets, maybe even their life (this is from personal experience) and you should avoid fish with males, even though most fish products for cats contain taurine, which is supposed to help them not develope crystals. Why risk it? Hoping all your kitties live long and healthy.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about Mannie, but am so glad that he is now home w/you and doing well. My cat Tigger had UTI issues off and on for his long life of 16 years. One time he had to have emergency surgery over the weekend as his kidneys were shutting down. Scary and expensive! But he lived a long life in spite of it, and I’m sure your Mannie will too. I agree with the others to feed him special food for kitties with UTI issues, if I remember correctly the pH levels are adjusted in the food to help.

  12. I know how horrible you must feel. I have two cats and even though some days they drive me crazy worry me to my wits end….I don’t know what I would do with out them. This past summer I had to rush my little Heather to the emergency room. she had been gone from 24 hours it was raining I just knew something had happened to her. The vet thought she ingested some lawn chemicals anyway she recover but the vet bill was hefty. It’s heartbreaking when you have to choose between your fiances and their lives. I hope both of you recover.

  13. Oh gosh, I know the worry that you must be feeling. I purchased the Sketches for Mannie and they are lovely. Here’s hoping for his continued recovery.

  14. I am so sorry you and Mannie have to go through this. I lost my beloved Bobby to the same thing almost three years ago. I hope and pray that Mannie makes a full recovery!

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