Bookmarked! May 2011

Hi all! Back with some little blips on the web that have caught my attention recently. Enjoy!

Love the little boy that comes in around 0:51 in this video. (Watch below | Watch at YouTube)

Watch this one over and over while at my brother’s house. We loved it! (Watch below | watch at YouTube)

LOL! I love this video so SO much! (Watch video below | Watch at YouTube)

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  1. Great inspiration and awesome videos not to mention cute!!!

  2. love the cream puff with pudding idea! maybe I will make those tonight?!
    I have also started following you on Pinterest… but you may or may not be creeped out that I pin almost ALL of your Make A Card Monday and Finally Friday cards :)

  3. Omigosh, LOVE the Muppets! That was hysterical, thanks!

  4. Love, love love the videos! Thanks, I needed that! :)

  5. lol, I love the patty cake. you had it on your blog a few months ago and it still cracks me up. thanks for the laffs!

  6. I just watched patty cake…AGAIN!!! I just love it…the voice overs were so cleverly done…
    Thanks for that…great stuff
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. I just loved that Patty Cake video… It reminded me of that other very funny video of the speaking dog that went viral last week (ultimate dog tease on youtube), hillarious!

    The cream puffs look awesome too!

  8. LOVE the quilt, and the cat video! rotflmao.

  9. love the muppets-rhapsody! very funny! :D

  10. Love the muppets! I really needed to laugh! Thanks

  11. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that little boy on Yo Gabba Gabba before. The baby episode. I am forced to watch it with my 2 year old. Over. And over.
    Thanks for the fun video break! :)

  12. Kristina it has been a long long time since I have written…hmmm maybe since the Color Inspiration Challenges ended but I wanted to tell you, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the kitty video…..thank you so much. Donna from ButternutSageDesigns

  13. My mom was just admitted to the hospital today and they arnt sure whats going on with her, chest pain , irregular heart beat, and blood pressure high than low, so running tests. I have been on card blogs cause I cant sleep and then I came across the Kittys playing pattycake. I laughed for the first time today. I am still laughing thinking of it and I know my mom will love it, she has a cat that looks like the one on the left. Cant wait to show it to her, it will lift her spirits. Thanks for the laughter and also thanks for all the beautiful cards you make, you give me great inspirtation. Have a good weekend. Gina


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