Day 16 – Holiday Card Series 2011

Morning, all!

For today’s card, I used a dimensional sticker from Pebbles, and patterned paper from American Crafts’ Hollyday collection. If you replaced the sentiment dimensional sticker with a stamp or something like that, this would be a great card to reproduce multiple times. Especially if you had a collection pack from a line of paper and didn’t put the patterned paper over the entire card front. With modifications like that, you can turn any card in a “reproducible” card. :)

Holiday Card Boot Camp

The holiday card class that Jennifer McGuire and I are teaching starts in a couple weeks, so there’s still time to register before it begins. You can register HERE.

Anyhow, on to today’s video!  Enjoy!

P.S. The photo of the card at the end of the video is upside down. Oops! Not sure how that happened. Actually, yes, I know how that happened. I have to turn all my video footage 180 degrees, and I guess I just accidently grabbed the image, too. Oops! :)

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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  1. Love this and all your cards (actually, it’s watching this series and then stalking your youtube videos that got me into card making only a week ago!)

    Anyway, at the end of the video the card is upside down.

  2. Great card! Thanx=))
    But you’ll need to turn the card upsidedown – on your very last seconds of the video=)

  3. Hi Kristina,
    first time when I saw the American Crafts christmas collection paper I could not imagine how it would look on cards. Now I know – thank you (and not only) for that! Have to buy this wonderful sticker!!! BTW: at the end of your video the card does a headstand, dit you know? Waiting for tomorrow and the next card – and missing Mannies meows!

  4. Upside-down, schmupside down. Still beautiful from any angle! Thank you…

  5. Great card, Jo x

  6. Hi Kristina

    Love all your cards. I get my morning coffee sit back and enjoy. It is starting to be a pre-holiday tradition!

    In the video (and at the risk of sounding stupid) how do you cut on the diagonal with pattern paper? I think I know but I am a visual person If there is ever a opportunity to show it that would be great.

    • Cut a diagonal first, and then use that new edge to cut a 90 degree angle. Then keep using those new edges until you have your piece cut out. Hope that helps! :)

      • I usually use may card base and trace it onto the paper and cut it that way, so I can see exactly what I will be cutting. Works great. I’m a very visual learner too, so I understand what you mean.

  7. So cute. I gotta have those dimensional stickers…yummy!

  8. Hi Kristina, Loving this 2011 Holiday Card series. Lots of great ideas and almost all of your cards are very easy to recreate, no muss, no fuss. Love that! Have a quick question, I love the intro and closing music to your holiday card videos. Appreciate if you would share what it is. Would like to get it for myself. I apologize if someone else has asked this question already. I thought I’d ask rather than scroll through the list of comments for the last 15 days.

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  9. Thanks so much for doing the card series, I really enjoy it! Could you show how you do the stiching sometime?

  10. I noticed you used a paper piercer instead of your We R Memory Keepers stitch paper piercing rotary tool. Just curious if there’s any particular reason for one over the other. I have one of the WRMK tools and am always looking for reasons to break it out.

  11. What a beautiful card, love the pattern paper and the stickers. I love all the videos! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am signed up for the Holiday Card Boot Camp—-I am so excited!!!!!!!! Inspiration Showcase was awesome too.

  13. Hi Kristina :)
    just wondering how you are liking the new tape runner? I ordered one and it is on its way because it seems to be more sticky than what I use. Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration!

  14. Another great card – thank you!! This series is so much fun and you do a wonderful job with your videos. I, too, am signed up for the Holiday Boot Camp and can’t wait – I know it will be wonderful!

  15. :) thanks for sharing. I actually love it that the card is upside down at the end.. :D

  16. I love this blog. I love stamping ! I went to a party once and ordered stuff, so maybe now I can start using it.

  17. Your hands always look so nice – what color is your nail polish? I like your style (nail polish and card-making).

  18. Love the card! Love red, green and white, its so christmasy. Love your use of patterns aswell. You are one clever chicken! Thanks

  19. Hi Kristina – compulsive fan of yours and love love your cards, especially today as I had a big giggle at the end!! Hope you are enjoying the series too. Christmas is right around the corner! Cheers Cathy

  20. Really cute! Trying to use the Christmas paper I have. I think ya changed my plans!

  21. Great card, again! You come up with the best card ideas! Thanks!

  22. I’m the lazy pregnant one again – the paper that your card is sitting on would be perfect! Where can i find that ? :)

  23. Hi! I love the stitching on your card. What kind of needle do you use to stitch through the card? I would love to try stitching with the bakers twine I already have. Thanks!

  24. Love this card! Okay, I love all of your cards…lol… I particularly like the diagonal on the plaid background. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Can you tell me the paper that is used behind your card you are displaying? Thanks!


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