Painting with Alcohol Inks

Hi, all! I wanted to share this project with you that I did for Simon Says Stamp last week. :)

Not too long ago, I saw a my friend Heidi carrying a Tim Holtz District Market Butterfly Tote and had to comment on it. It was beautiful! When I asked her about it she said that she had painted it with alcohol inks. How clever!

So I tried out the same and I’m taking you guys along for the ride.

I had no previous experience with alcohol inks, but they were pretty easy to work with, especially because I used an Aquash brush filled with Alcohol Blending Solution. Any brush strokes, etc. seem to “settle” with time. Also, as I was painting the bag, I made note of some tips and tricks to share with you in the video below.

Colors Used

Additional Supplies

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

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  1. This is really neat and thanks for adding the video on how you did this. Tim wouldn’t make something that wouldn’t work, but it looks like alot of fun but over time won’t the color wear off because you not painting it on’s just the covering right? Seems like alot of work for something over time wouldn’t look great if it rubs off. Just inquiring…It really turned out great!!!

    • It’s pretty permanent. Especially since I noticed while I working on it that there comes a certain point when the blending solution won’t even lift any more of the ink. I wanted the bright pink butterfly at the top to be lighter, but I could lift any more of the color.

  2. Wow! I want one or two or three!! Awesome job!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful bag. It is perfect timing because a friend and I were talking about painting with alcohol inks. We were unsure about which product to use. You have cleared up the mystery. Thanks again.

  4. I bought this bag a little while ago, but seeing it now in “living color” all I can say is:Whow!! What a great idea to use AAIs and the color seems to be rather permanent-based upon your experience.- As I love AAIs I’ll try to make my bag prettier than it is now and hope for a positive outcome.
    Thanks for sharing this idea with us.

  5. This is genius! I love watercoloring with my distress inks, but now will be using my alcohol inks more! Woo Hoo! I’m excited!

  6. lovin’ it <3 this is so cool, wow.

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