Watercolor Bookmark

Hi all! Since my voice is gone in the video below this was obviously done a few weeks ago. My voice is all back now. Anyhow, here’s another video I did for Simon

Well, my voice is still gone (the cough/cold is a killer) so in today’s video I included text captions instead. Hopefully, you will be able to see enough of what I’m doing.

Anyhow, today I decided to create a bookmark using this adorable stamp from Belles ‘n Whistles. The outlined image was perfect for watercoloring to I broke out the watercolor paper and pencils and started creating.


Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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  1. Oh what a precious, precious card, Kristina! Simply beautiful, but I have to tell you, my handwriting would not be welcome on any card I create…if you want to read it legibly!! LOL. Gorgeous writing:)

  2. You have gorgeous handwriting!

  3. Wow, such a pretty project…thanks for the watercolor tutorial. Hope you’re feeling better soon and that your voice returns.

  4. Waw really nice card. Really pretty image and I love how the wings of the fairy sparkle. Hugs! Mojca

  5. Simply stunning – not your usual style but totally gorgeous. Jo x

  6. Such a sweet bookmark!

  7. Great image and lovely watercoloring! :)

  8. Terrific video, too! :)

  9. Ohh, the watercoloring is very pretty! I love the look of her wings!!

  10. Love your card

  11. I love your calligraphy and lettering. I can do it, but I either need to draw lines or have a lighted table with lined paper under my project. The only way I can do it without lines, is if it’s a free form piece. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  12. Just to thank you for this video. The fiskar press you are using was a new item for me. It will be very useful for a friend and my big girl that has a paralysed arm :) Have a wonderful day.

  13. What a sweet bookmark! I’m sure whomever receives the bookmark will absolutely love it. So glad your voice is back. Your calligraphy is, as always, beautiful. It is becoming a lost art – I love the personal touch that it adds to your work.

  14. Wow,wow,wow, I always enjoy to see your creation, this is one of my favorite that you do coloring video.
    This is beautiful coloring as usual and the image is also pretty.
    I love your finishing with stickles and your beautiful handwriting. (^o^)/”"”
    Thank you for sharing , and stopping by my blog also. (^.^)/”"”

  15. Wow I will never get over your handwriting. You are truly the best I have ever seen. You whipped out that Dreaming in like 5 seconds and it was perfect. I would have never been able to do that. I love these videos keep them up

  16. Gorgeous book mark Kristina! LOVE your use of calligraphy, too!!! Hope your voice is back soon…take care, and thanks for the video!

  17. If I had your handwriting, I would never buy sentiment stamps. It’s gorgeous!

  18. wow your handwriting is simply great! I love this bookmark..it’s really pretty :)


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