MACM – Baker’s Twine Bows

Happy Monday!

For today’s card and video I wanted to use many different colors of baker’s twine. That’s when I came up with the idea to punch little rivets in the edge of some cardstock and tie the string. I thought the little punches would hold the string in place and ensure that everything was evenly spaced. :)

I also used an embossing folder from Sizzix and the Modern Garland edge punch from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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  1. So creative and simple. WIll definately try this one.

  2. Super cute and fun!

  3. Great card and so easy.

  4. You probably know this, but there’s a way to tie bows so that both loops are up- <— that was, like, a REVELATION to me. Especially with bows on clothes!

    • Who knew!? I guess there IS a website for everything! I’ve been tying my shoes backwards for 64 years!

  5. Another fun, creative card. Thank you for the idea, will definitely try this one.

  6. Love the way you punched the 1/2 circles to anchor the twine – good tip for all of us! Thanks!

  7. Great Card Kristina! Love the embossing folder. Smooches…

  8. What a totally fun card! Love it, Kristina.

  9. Very nice card that could be used for several different occasions. Thanks again for sharing.

  10. Definitely going in my “gotta do it” file. I love the CAS look of this. You’re right — it could be used for so many different occasions. It’s always nice to have a set of those on hand. Thanks, Kristina, for another great card and video.

  11. Very simple but cute! Will definitely try this one! You are very talented :)

  12. It is such a beautiful card! wonder where you get these ideas from. I wanted to ask if you’r gonna start a giveaway.?

  13. Love this card! Wonderful colors. I love the idea of the 1/2 circles punched out on the edge. Very cute indeed!

  14. LOVE the card… but want to comment on the Glue Glider Pro.. At first I loved it. Several refills later, the tendency to overshoot the edge, the adhesive not stopping when you stop rolling the applicator, is getting worse. In addition with this latest refill, the carrier keeps slipping to one edge of the roller, causing uneven application and adhesive over the edge of the card no matter how carefully I apply it. My best guess is that there must be a quality control issue with the refills.
    But you are right: it does stick and nothing falls off. And the handle feels balanced and not too large for working sitting down. But the annoyance factor with the slippage and the inaccuracy of application is mounting. Waiting to see if you find something you like better.

  15. Great card! Thanks for sharing, cool idea!

  16. Love this card!

  17. Love the colourful twine – cute idea for a quick card!!

  18. Love the card. Will surly have to case this one. So simply yet elegant. Thanks for sharing. I too have tried all the glue gliders but ALWAYS go back to my ATG. Love it. Never lets me down. Paid a little more but over 3 yrs. it’s paid for itself over and over again.

  19. A really nice card and a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Mojca

  20. The card looks great. Thanks for the video

  21. How simple it is and how beautiful! Thank you for ideas and inspiration!


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