Color Inspiration #43


Hi everyone! This week’s Color Inspiration Challenge photo comes from some pictures I took this weekend for my friend Paula. She’s a crafty genius and is selling a ton of sewn items in her Etsy shop along with a friend. (She doesn’t have the latest items posted yet, but please go visit her anyway. I have to edit all the photos and then she’s posting the new stuff).

I thought this set of baby bibs had the most adorable colors. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the fabric is by, but I love it anyway.

Anyway, there are the colors for this week. And feel free to throw some white in the mix, too. :)


Join us: Make a card/scrapbook page/whatever in the colors above. Color Inspiration virgins, please read the Color Inspiration FAQ first.

Deadline: Monday, March 2 at 7:00 pm MT. You will know when the deadline has past because you will not able to submit a new link through the Mister Linky box. Grab this week’s swatch-only image.

Reader submissions for Color Inspiration #43:

1. Donna
2. Selene
3. Kelly Jo
4. Kadee
5. Cristina Tronco
6. Melanie Brown
7. Dawn
8. CriA
9. Krista Driessen
10. Brenda Weaver
11. Rieca
12. Robin
13. Sheila Miller
14. Karen Sullivan
15. Nanefy (Scotland)
16. Kari V.
17. Shelley G in Iowa
18. Andrea R.
19. Dana Grothaus (danascott96)
20. MacKenzie Bruckler
21. Yaneri – ScrapyCrafter
22. Winter Sims
23. Holly H.
24. Amy Fleming NZL
25. Louisa Ting Chong (NZ)
26. Yapha
27. Sharon Dines NZL
28. Kim Neuman
29. Stacey Schafer
30. SmilynStef
31. Naomi Chokr
32. Jaded
33. Leah Weir
34. Kay McNeill
35. Melisa Hunter
36. Tracey Old NZL
37. Sharon Brown
38. Nikki Stalker (AUS)
39. Chelle
40. Rhonda Palmer
41. Melanie N
42. Sharlene M NZL
43. Scrappin Sue
44. Arielle ~ SnappyStamper
45. Sheila (Spain)
46. Esther (SG)
47. Brittany
48. Karen Giron
49. …Paulina…
50. Sandy
51. Sharlene Torres NZL
52. KarenR
53. Paula Kay
54. Travelingmama (CPS 22)
55. Abi UK
56. Shannon Holbird- Australia
57. Julie Cameron
58. Yankee in England
59. Terri E
60. jenny.theriault
61. Odette
62. Jenyfur
63. Barbara
64. Ms. Aaron B
65. Sarah
66. Nellie M.
67. Dara
68. KarenAS
69. Prairie Chick Stamper
70. Dori S.
71. Heather M
72. Nadia
73. Cath Thompson
74. ~dawne
75. Nikki Stalker (AUS)
76. Denise T.
77. Agustina Yornet (ARGENTINA)
78. Sylvia Nelson
79. Kirsty Brown
80. Angela Lemmons
81. KatieTurtle
82. Jo-Ann Pullen (Canada)
83. Sue
84. Sue #2
85. Shannon Ketchum
86. Lisa Johnson
87. Natasa (Slovenia)
88. Jeanne Couch
89. Regan
90. Sarah-Jane Kale’
91. Martina Gaydoul
92. Katherine Allen
93. Steph Herbert
94. Sarah from the UK
95. Elizabeth
96. Ashley C. Newell
97. Jodie
98. Patti
99. Maureen P.
100. Tara D {It’s All Good}
101. desertpea
102. Rochelle Gould
103. Daniela Hendea
104. Courtney Baker
105. Kristie
106. Morgaine (2cards)
107. Anthonette
108. diane
109. andie…
110. Dawn McVey (dawnsing)
111. …:::Paulina:::…
112. Kelly J (kelaine)
113. Cindy Major
114. Carrie Gaskin
115. Jennie
116. JanTink
117. Debbie Pamment
118. Holly NZL
119. Ange Kelly
120. Anni
121. Stephanie Atterbury
122. Andrea L – EnchantINK (AUS)
123. Ria Kaire (NZ)
124. Anna Sutherland NZL
125. Natasha from Australia
126. Rachael NZ
127. Claire from Taz
128. Michele Last UK
129. Amy, Ottawa, Canada
130. Susanne Nilsson (Sweden)
131. Deanna (DeeWoodland)
132. Julie Davison
133. Karen T
134. Kerstin Lang (GER)
135. Lisa Bohler
136. Ashley M
137. Jennifer
138. Janet Elam
139. Stephanie Buriel
140. Lysa
141. Renee D.
142. Kenia R
143. Diana Ball-Seitz
144. Kirsty Brown
145. Kirsty Brown
146. Janet Elam
147. Kimberly Gajewski
148. Lizzie Jones
149. Tiffany – Go Nuts
150. Vera
151. Kathyc on SCS
152. KimB AUS
153. Kathy V.
154. Marisa G
155. Naomi
156. Fiona Brown (aus)
157. Louise
158. Jennifer L.
159. Alyssa
160. Sue in Vancouver
161. Gabby
162. Laura Bassen
163. Jenny
164. Tracy McCarroll (Aus)
165. anai
166. Carol Dunstan
167. Carol Dunstan
168. Tania Brown
169. Randee E
170. nikki schmaltz
171. Luz Martinez
172. Daniela Hendea ~ Take 2
173. Brooke Stockman
174. Julie Batta
175. Jessica Rosario
176. Maria
177. Brandi White
178. Christine Wells
179. Alina
180. Kristi (Paper Miniskirt)
181. Lisa E
182. Lisa B NZL
183. Nancy Holley
184. Chantal Lessard
185. Holly Jones
186. Amy O
187. Juanita
188. Jessica Rosario -2nd
189. Hannah-Cherie
190. Cannie Hunter
191. Deborah
192. Julie Jenkins
193. Jen in Iowa
194. Shan Reid
195. Ginny
196. Ellen Woodbridge
197. Kylie
198. Lisa Brown
199. melita
200. Shanan Hambrick

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  1. Does a page count as a web page? The chocolate shades inspired my new web page. I love creating crafts in all manner of ways be it sewing, cooking, cake decorating, scrapbooking, decopage, web design.

  2. Welll, You gave us more colors and I gave you two cards. Sorry, this was pieces for one card that became two cards. It was frustrating trying to figure this out, but I think I was just too tired. I am driven, what can I say. Have a fun weekend!

  3. Lovely colours this week!
    Excited that the round up is back :)
    Thanks for taking the time to check out all our work.

  4. Another great combination!

  5. Was sooo surprised how nice these colours looked together – thanx for another great challenge

  6. Gorgeous colours this week – didn’t quite read the white comment though. Oops!

  7. Oh my, I’m looking at other submissions. I guess I’m one of the few that had a really tough time with these colours. Challenging challenges, fun though TA!

  8. it was very nice colors check my internet marketing seminars you are a awesome singer too.

  9. I had a lot of fun with these colors! This is my first color challenge too :)…


  10. I got way off on the colors, but it is inspiration right??? Have a great weekend all. Love seeing all the creations. Thanks for another week of creative inspiration.

  11. Thanks for this beautiful mix of colors! :D

  12. HI Kristina,

    loved the colours, delighted to hear you’re doing the round up again its such a great way to see some great talent, enjoy your new life, thanks for the challenge.

    Till next week.


  13. Mmmm, mmm good! I love these colors! Thanks for the challenge :o) lyss

  14. I think the tones of my colors were a little different, but I think they still fall under the same colors! Thanks for the challenge and glad you’re doing the roundup again!

  15. sorry, first link didn’t go in properly. So glad I finally got time to do one of these again, I’ve missed them

  16. Kristina,
    I am so glad I had a quick moment to play along this week.. I can’t wait for another great challenge.. Hope all is well in your new endeavors. I will miss seeing you at Convention.. Meeting you was such a highlight for me..

    Hugs and best wishes

  17. Thanks for taking the time to post all these goodies for us. This is my second post for the color inspiration and I love it. It helps me go beyond my comfort zone allowing me to explore color combos like never before. Thanks again for all!!


  18. Loved the colors.

  19. I absolutely loved this color combination!!! And I’m glad I barely sqeaked in :)

  20. So… I’m late… I know, I know… I’ve been thinking about these colors for days and finally got something pounded out… So sorry for not being punctual. Thanks for the great color inspiration… I needed it… even if I am late.

  21. I was too late with my card for this weeks challenge to get included with the links but I still wanted to let you know I created a card!!! The color combos are just so fun.…

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