Friday Focus – One Layer Card #7

Today’s card is the seventh in the One Layer Card miniseries. :) Ever since I picked up the Sweet Disposition stamp set from Cosmo Cricket, I’ve been wanted to make a card using the camera stamp. So I thought today’s card and video would be the perfect time to break it out!

Truth be told, I ended up making this card five times. Five times! LOL! Sometimes you have an idea in your head and it takes multiple tries to get it just right. :)

Anyhow, enjoy!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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  1. Your card is just perfect, Kristina! I love that brightness behind the camera, it really looks like a camera flash! Brilliant! I am so glad to read that you, too, have to do a few ‘takes’ before you hit the sweet spot. I have been working on my His&Hers thank you cards all morning and I am about to SCREAM! I just can’t get it right. So, at least I know I’m in good company. :) Thanks for sharing your marvelous talent with us. I learn something from you every week.

    Have a wonderful weekend! I know you are going to spoil your mom. And that is just great!

    *Hi Mannie!

  2. That was ingenius, great card.

  3. What a great card. I was wondering what you were going to do with that me. I thought I saw my when if first looked at the card. Ingenious!!! Love it! Definitely one to pin for future inspiration! Thanks!

  4. Awesome card! Thank you so much for sharing it, and for sharing all your “card surgery”! You’re sort of my “card-making idol”, so to learn that you sometimes require more than one try, too, is really reassuring!

  5. Love this card!

  6. Always impressed with your cards!!! Super duper impressed with this one!!!! You rock!!!

  7. It came out great – sometimes it takes a few tries to get that image in your head onto the paper!

  8. Genius card Kristina! GAH! LOVE that camera image and the masking. The sentiment though, is my fave!

  9. Seriously ingenious! Gorgeous card. I so want to be you when I grow up. ;) Thanks, Kristina!!!

  10. Awesome card. I enjoyed seeing how you fixed problems. Nice to know I am not the only one that needs to get out the knife and do surgery on a card.

  11. And sometimes it takes one (Read: ME) more than 5 times to get it right! LOL!

    Love your finished result!

  12. Lovely card. I always learn so much from you, even how to fix little oops. There are no mistakes in papercrafting. :)

  13. Great card – thanks for sharing!

  14. LOVE how you saved that card – and actually made it better :D Great video!

  15. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for today’s great card. So good to see how to mix and match to get just the right sentiment.

  17. Kristina
    all you’re surgeries were perfect and I agree with you..You made the card better in every way…Yeah!

    How is mannie…is he OK. Did he take the move well.

    pat…I miss the little lad.

  18. A happy fix! Loving the way it turned out! :)

  19. I absolutely LOVE this card! Fantastic!

  20. Fab card!!! I like your fix with the “my”. Great idea for making even dashes. :)

  21. Love your card!! As always!!

    Happy birthday!! I hope you’re having an amazingly fun
    day!! ;)


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