Friday Focus – Inspired By #2

Hi all! Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? :)

Today is the second video in my Inspired By miniseries. The inspiration for this card comes from a quilt in this book by Camile Roskelley (see her blog here).

I also tried out My Favorite Things cardstock and ink on this card. Their cardstock is nice and thick. I would compare it to Stampin’ Up! cardstock. And the inks are nice, too. I like that the ink matches the cardstock! They also have ribbon and felt in the same colors, too!

My only complaint is about the ink packaging. I wish they were a bit easier to hold when inking stamps directly. But the formula was great, I can get used to the packaging, and the ink cleaned off my clear stamps without any staining. Staining isn’t a big issue for me (it doesn’t effect the actual stamping, after all), but I know some crafters are particular about that.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube


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  1. Great card (as always) and a wonderful new blog to explore! And will definitely take a look at that cardstock.

  2. Lovely card. I do enjoy seeing your inspiration! A question: Would it be easier to silver emboss a bit of card and then cut the letters? Would the effect be the same?

    • You could try that, however I wanted the really rounded, soft look that embossing the letters after they were cut would give. :)

      • Thanks. I did wonder about that. Certainly worth the effort to get the metallic look.

  3. Love those border stamped and embossed!….so pretty! Thank you for another great card, Kristina!

  4. Love the color combination & that you created your own pattern paper! You’ve inspired me to do the same:)

  5. Love your card! Love the idea of embossing the letters. Especially loved that you are testing the MFT paper and ink as I’ve been interested in them recently and was wondering how they work. I hope you do a test with embossing a background to see how the paper fares.

  6. I loved this card too! I enjoy all of your videos so much and learn from each one. I’ve been looking at those memory box dies for some time, and love how you embossed them!

  7. Great card! Like the colors and stamps. The emb letters do look nice. :)

  8. Hi Kristina

    What e nice bright card this is…just love it:-)
    The emboss folderbis one i love to have and i love the idea of silver embossed letters.

    You are so creative, thanks for the inspirayion…again

    Lots of love also for mannie…meeeeuw:-)


  9. Great inspiration! Isn’t it amazing just where you can gain inspiration! I have been away from crafting for a couple of months due to exams and you have inspired me to get back into it!!! Thanks Kristina x

  10. What an adorable card! Love the colors. Thanx so much for another great video!

  11. I purchased that Avery Elle set last month, for that circle stamp, it has lots of potential. Great card and color combination. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Great card! Loved how you transformed your inspiration piece!

  13. Love, love, lov

  14. I really like this card! You did such a great job on in Kristina! Pretty nails!

  15. Very nice card. Love the way that card stock embossed on the base. Very nice, indeed!


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