A long TV recap

I’ve been pretty non-existant over here lately. Mostly because I’ve had no motivation to write about anything. In fact, I haven’t even been in a real crafty mood. I just want to watch all the new TV shows!

Ahh… I love fall tv season–so many shows to choose from!

So what’s my new favorite? It might be Heroes. For some reason, this show really intrigues me. I will be watching it for at least the next few weeks. I’m not sure where it’s headed, but I want to watch to find out. :)

Gilmore Girls doesn’t seem the same this year. Even though there’s only been two episodes so far, it just seems like something missing. I think it might be because both the main characters are stagnant at the moment, not knowing what to do next. It makes the whole show feel like that. It needs some direction.

Project Runway! I’ll admit, I found the New York Fashion Week website and looked at all four designers’ collections. I couldn’t help it! I was so curious! So, now I just need to wait to find out who won… plus, it’s nice to see all the drama surrounding making the collections. I just love Laura! She’s a bit of a drama queen, but at least it’s entertaining.

The Office was a tough start for me. With Jim not in Scranton and the weirdness of the “Gay Witch Hunt,” I was left wondering where the show I loved went. But the following two episodes are doing better. It was especially nice to get back inside the office last night with “The Coup.” I just loved it when Michael finally cracked Dwight and he started begging Michael for his job! HAA!! So great!

Okay, what else?

So I’ve been TiVo-ing Oprah while I’m at work. I’m loving ‚ÄúOprah and Gayle’s Big Adventure‚Äù! Every Tuesday, it’s like a little treat! So funny!

I can’t think of anything else right now… I’m sure I’ll think of something later. :)

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