Am I a dork or what?

While I was at work today, I took a short break and made this:

It’s a day by day breakdown of the shows I ‚ÄúMust See‚Äù and those that I classifiy as ‚ÄúTentative‚Äù for this fall tv season. 13 HOURS! Thank heavens I ordered a TiVo just a couple days ago (Amazon has already shipped it!). That way, I can skip all the commercials. Also, there are so many conflicts, I’m glad I got the dual tuner TiVo as well. :)

I anticipate some good television this season.

BTW, who saw Project Runway last night?


I was very happy with the outcome–Kayne was ready to go. I would have killed over if Vincent or Angela won. Gag! Those two are the weirdest ones of them all! And can I just say that I LOVE Laura!? She comes in a close second behind Michael for me. When she was crying my heart was just breaking for her! So glad she won. So glad.

Peace out!

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