Buying With Intention

I work 45 minutes from home, so I often have the opportunity to A) listen to the radio, B) listen to an audiobook, or C) listen to a podcast. has been getting a lot of my cash over the last year because I’ve almost exclusively turned to option B.

However, I’ve recently started listening to The Paperclipping Roundtable, the podcast on scrapbooking and the industry put out by Noell Hyman from Each show is about 90 minutes, so I can usually finished it in one day. I just download the free podcast from iTunes, and listen in my car. It’s been fascinating to hear other papercrafters (mostly scrapbookers) talk about what they do. And sometimes it gets me thinking.

In one of the most recent episode, they started talking about how physical scrap stores arrange product. Whether it’s grouped by manufacturer, by color, by theme, etc. As I imagined myself walking through a craft store, I tried to picture how I would want to shop. Do I look for things that match, that are in the same collection? Do I shop by manufacturer?

Which led me to another question. Am I buying with intention, or am I just buying? Let me explain…

I’m a big online shopper and rarely go into a physical store unless it’s for groceries. It’s gotten to the point that when I make a rare trip to Target, I wander the store aimlessly not finding what I’m looking for and thinking, “Where’s the search button? I’ll just type it in… Wait. I’m in an actual store. Grr.”

When I’m shopping online for supplies (usually at TwoPeas), I most often just browse what’s new or on sale. Generally, I like to buy collection packs so that I have a variety of papers and items that are supposed to “go together.” And I just add things willy nilly to my cart knowing that later I’ll go through it and edit things down to just what I need (read: want).

Am I buying with intention? Am I a conscious shopper, or am I just buying what looks cute and I think I might use later? No one needs or really wants to just store crafty items that will never be used, right?

For a while there, I bought things without thinking them through. They were online impulse buys, for lack of a better term. But since the 10,000 subscriber giveaway–and seeing how much stuff I was just storing and never using–I think I’m a more intentional shopper. For the most part now, I think I buy with intention. I’ll have some vague idea in my mind how each item will be used. Yes, it’s true that inevitably I’ll be sitting at my craft desk wishing I’d also bought this or that, but really sitting down and thinking about what I need next has really helped in the spontaneous shopping arena.

Currently, I’m thinking I need to refresh my stamp set stash. I purged a TON with the large giveaway a few weeks ago. I think I’m down to maybe 10 stamp sets and they’re pretty specific. I need some more general stamp sets.

What are you eye-ing in stores these days? What’s missing from your craft stash? What are you intentionally shopping for?

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