Home Sick

I stayed home from work today because I’m sick. I was feeling awful yesterday afternoon but I knew I still had a long night ahead of me at stamp club. So I asked Jen, my lovely and wonderful manager at work, for the next day off. That would be today. Bless her, she said that would be okay. :)

Seriously, that was the only way I able to make it through last night–knowing I didn’t have to get up and go to work this morning. Don’t get me wrong, it was nothing strenuous or even a tremendously long evening. I just really needed some sleep and just thinking about having to go into work was making my head hurt more.

So I slept in. Or tried to. Curse this stupid stuffy nose that doesn’t allow me to breathe!

Anyhow, I finally took a picture of the layout I’ve been stewing over for a few days. Not my best, but I do love the photos. The arrow in the corner is covered in glitter (yes, Kristina P, that is what I was covering in glitter last week). I’m loving the glitter! And the fact that I painted the chipboard piece pink before I put the glitter on? So girly! Love it!


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