Hot-linking – more info & answering questions

I think I may have confused some of you. Sorry about that! :)

You are okay and NOT hot-linking if:

You right click on an image, save it to your computer, and then re-upload it to your blog.

You are hot-linking if:
You right click on an image, copy it, and then paste it into your blog. When you do this, the file is never saved on your computer. So when a reader of your blog loads your page, it tells their computer that the image it is loading is located on my webserver. That’s when it uses my bandwidth.

So, in short, make sure you save the file to your computer first. Then you won’t have any issues. :)

Hope that helped to clear things up.

On a side note: All of this was just presented as information to make you all aware of hot-linking. In no way am I saying I’m ungrateful for your readership, like a comment on the last entry suggested. It is actually quite the opposite. You guys are awesome! :)


Attribution or providing a link back to the original webpage where you found an image does not affect whether an image is hot-linked or not. Attribution is simply a courtesy and points the reader in the right direction to see where the image came from.

Attribution might look like, “Image from SoAndSo’s website.” And have the word “SoAndSo” linked to their site so people can click on it and go there. Attribution is not required, but it’s also considered the polite thing to do. :)

NOTE: I have disabled comments and hidden the ones that were already posted. This is not because I don’t value each and every opinion. I did this because the conversation in the comments were bothering some people and leading to more misunderstandings. Just know that I only brought up hot-linking and attribution to help illustrate it and answer questions that new bloggers might have about hot-linking. If you have a question, please contact me.

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