If you’ve ever had back issues…

I’m sure you can relate. If you haven’t, please be patient.

I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I’ve injured my back pretty severely. Between standing on concrete floors for a week at Convention, throwing my nieces and nephews around this week while playing with them, and exercising maybe a bit too hard, my back is like, “Whoa. Remember me? REMEMBER ME?!!”

Yes, my back is screaming.  The annoying thing hasn’t stopped since Thursday afternoon. And all I can pretty much do is keep popping pain killers and grimace as I try to move.

Poor Jen, roommate-who-must-have-been-sent-from-heaven, has been listening to me complain and gripe all weekend.

“Ow! Owie owie ow!!! Um, Jen…”


“Will you come get the eggs off the bottom shelf of the fridge?”

Long story short, I totally tried making a card for the challenge this week (it was going to double as MACM, too)–seriously, I did! I even sketched it out so I wouldn’t have to be sitting at my desk too long. But alas, there is no way in hades that I’m going to be able to sit that long.

I’m going to see someone about my back tomorrow. Enough of this crap. I want to be able to at least function normally. That’s my goal for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, why don’t all of you SU! fans tell me what you’re ordering out of the new catalog tomorrow… Leave a comment. :)

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