Invisalign, Day 1

Hi all! I’m back from Vegas and am suffering from the world’s worst cold. Apparently, this year’s cold and flu season is awful and I can fully attest to this. Ick! I stayed home from work on Tuesday, and worked only half a day yesterday. And I just got over that stupid sinus infection!

Anyhow, I had a visit to my dentist this morning and am now wearing my first set of Invisalign trays. This will be an interesting process, that much I can say. I get to wear 19 trays on my top teeth, and 16 trays on my bottom teeth.

For those who aren’t aware of Invisalign, it’s an alternate to traditional metal braces. Not only is it a nearly invisible process, but instead having your braces tightened each month, you simply replace your trays every two weeks. Each new set of trays has a slight difference so it gradually moves your teeth and straightens them out. So, that means I’ll be in the trays for 9-1/2 months. Not bad!

(Sorry, no before pictures… I hate looking at “teeth only” photos, so I refused to take one of myself.)

My dentist put six attachments (little tooth-colored nodes) on my teeth to help the trays stay put, and overall it hasn’t been too bad. I only notice the attachments when I’m not wearing the trays. And the only time I take the trays out is when I eat. In fact, there’s no eating or drinking anything (other than water) while wearing the trays. So you could say that I’m on the “Invisalign Diet.” Certainly helps with mid-afternoon snacking. :)

I’ve wanted to straighten my teeth for a long time now and thankfully my employer added adult orthodontia to our dental plan this year. By no means does it cover the entire cost of Invisalign, but it covered enough to make it worth it to me. If you’re thinking about Invisalign, it’s worth a trip to your dentist/orthodontist… at least to get a cost estimate so you can start saving up. Invisalign does cost more than traditional braces. :)

Don’t ask how much I paid… I’m still in denial.

Anyhow, slight discomfort today. I took an ibuprofen to help with the pain and that seems to help. One of the hygienists at my dentist office this morning suggested that I put new trays in at night and then take an ibuprofen. That way, I’ll sleep through most of the discomfort that inevitably follows putting new trays on. Good to note for later, but for now, I’ll have to live through the “first day pain.”

Oh, and I’m talking with a lisp, which is a constant source of entertainment for the girls as work. I’m told that will go away soon, though. Unfortunately, my name has an ‘s’ in it… I can’t even pronounce my own name without it sounding funny! :)

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