Isn’t she beautiful?!

kitchenaid.jpgAhhh… a KitchenAid mixer. Ya’ll know I’ve been dreaming of owning one for a long time, right?

I started a Wilton cake decorating class at my local JoAnn store last night. There are a bunch of girls from work taking the class as well.

A few weeks ago Patti came into work totally excited about this cake she saw somewhere. She then got all of us interested in a cake decorating class. Needless, to say, it didn’t take much to make me agree. My cupcake obsession naturally encompasses all kind of cake. ;)

So, we had our very first class last night. While our teacher Kristen demonstrated how to make icing, she mentioned that for the Level 1 class while you’re just making buttercream icing, a handmixer will do just fine. But once you’re in Level 2, you might want to invest in a standing mixer for all the long mixing time the other icings require.

What was that sound? That was my wallet opening and embracing the “need” of a KitchenAid mixer. ;)

Kristen is such an enabler. My KitchenAid Professional 5-Quart Mixer in Empire Red will be delivered on Tuesday. :)

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