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Hi all!

Sorry about the delay in today’s video. I had a four-day weekend and truly enjoyed each minute, including pushing off the video until the very last moment! Eek! Anyway, here we are and it’s still Monday, so let’s make a card. :)

This card really stumped me. I had a small not-very-detailed sketch that I was referring to, but it sort of seemed off to me once I’d finished the card. I think maybe it needed a bit more color. Hmmm…. Oh, well!

However, the one part I absolutely love about this card is the curved edge. After I sketched it out, I knew I would need some sort of template so that I could get the two curves to look right, so I created one. :) You can download it below. It will fit a standard size card (4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″), but I’m sure you guys will find a million other uses for it. :)


And on to the video!

Watch in high quality here (click on “watch in high quality” below the video).

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