MACM – Thank You (alpha sticker masking)

MACM - Thank YouGood morning, all!

Man, I’m tired… I was up late and now I’m up early. I’m taking my car in to be fixed this morning. Remember when someone hit my car a few months ago and didn’t leave a note or anything? At church, no less? Well, I’m finally getting around to having it fixed. They scratched up the bumper of my car, and it’s all the way down to the plastic, so they have to repaint the entire bumper. Craziness!

Anyway, here’s this week’s card. It’s super long this week because I just kept talking and gabbing on an on. I get a little philosophical there in the middle. So sorry! But hopefully it will be worth the watch. Feel free to leave comments about what I talk about if you want. :)

You can catch the video over at YouTube in HD if you want, too. I mean, you can click on the HD below and it will how it at a higher quality, but to see it really big on screen, you’ll have to head over to YouTube.


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