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Hi all!

This week’s card sets the record for “world’s easiest card.” :) Seriously, it only took me 13 minutes to do! And that includes trying to figure out what to do there in the middle for a couple minutes (I cut out that part of the video– otherwise, you’d be sitting there like, “Hello? Isn’t she going to do something?”).

Anyway, enjoy the card and I’ll be back later tonight for the Color Inspiration #16 Round-up!

BTW, did any of you see Batman this weekend? Oh. My. Word. I loved it so much! Definitely a very intense movie. And so good!

We saw it on an IMAX screen and 40 minutes into it, the screen shut off. You should have heard the whole audience… Collective gasp and then tons of grumbling and shouting.

Twenty minutes later, it was playing again, but not without starting up without sound for about 30 seconds. So, I missed about a minute in there in the middle. But even with technical glitches, it was AWESOME!

Also saw Mamma Mia this weekend. So good. I loved it! I’ve always loved Abba, so it was super fun to see the movie. Although, I could have done without Pierce Brosnan singing… Um, awkward. Just didn’t seem right. He looked like he was choking the entire time. I wanting to yell at the screen, “Just take a breath!”

Even with that, I loved it. Such a fun movie. Who wants to go to Greece now? ;)

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