Part 4/4 – Get Involved (Cardmaking 101)

This is part of a four part series on making cards. In this part, we’re covering getting involved…


If you have questions about cardmaking, stamping, or papercrafting in general, the best places to start are the message boards at various online communities. Crafters on the message boards can answer almost any question you might have. Two crafting communities that I love are:

Not only are the message boards a great resource for learning about your craft, it’s a great place to just go and chat in general. Many people become lifelong friends with those they meet on the message boards, even meeting in real life.

In fact, when I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and planning on attending the annual Convention, I found roommates on the message boards at Splitcoast. I just posted a message saying that I was looking for 3 roommates to share my room in Denver, and three great crafters responded. We had a blast in Denver! And I would have never meet them without posting on the message board. See the mini book I made about my trip to Denver here.


Both sites also have member galleries where you can see what other people are creating. Anyone who is a member can add to the galleries so it’s a great way to see what products you might be wondering about look like, get ideas for your own crafting, and when you’re ready, to show off your own creations, too!

Most sites, not just these two, also have challenges. In these challenges, usually there is a prompt (i.e. “Make something with only two colors”) and then members post their challenge responses in the gallery. Join in! Challenges are a get way to get involved.

If want to post pictures of your cards, but not directly on a crafting site, try Flickr. With a free account, you can add photos to your Flickr stream. And, there are a lot of cardmaking pools (or groups of photo with a theme than many contribute to) for you to get involved in, too.


If you want to share your creations in more of your own space, consider blogging! :) If you’re just starting out blogging, I would suggest using a free blogging site, like or


The online cardmaking community is warm and welcoming. It’s also very charitable. :) There are some awesome things you can get involved in, and most only require you to do what you love doing: make cards. If you know of any organized cards drives, please leave a comment below so we can involved, too!


And that’s the end of the Cardmaking 101 series. Hopefully you took something away from this series! :) I’m sure I’ll update it periodically as I think of more things to add. :)

Thanks, all!


Cardmaking 101

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