Pumpkins! + Winner #7


Hi all! Pumpkin carving tonight was fun! I haven’t carved a pumpkin in ages! Anyway, after a slight mishap in the parking lot (my pumpkin fell off the trunk of the car and broke), Annie and I decided to share a pumpkin. :) We tag-teamed it: she helped toast all the pumpkin seeds, I carved it, and then she gave it a home for Halloween.

So I carved a happy looking face. It sort of looked like Shrek, so I added the little ears. :) The other pumpkin belongs to Annie’s roommate Amber (she’s the third traveler in our little NYC group and she’s adorable!).

Speaking of NYC, we fly out Friday night. I’ll try to post little updates while we’re gone, but I can’t guarantee anything. I haven’t yet figured out to post pictures straight from my phone (my laptop’s staying home this time). I’ll for sure be updating my Twitter status regularly.


Winner #7: Alex, who commented at 5:15 tonight. Congrats, Alex! I’ll email you shortly so you have respond back with your mailing address.

Thanks again everyone for joining in the fun this week with the giveaways. I’ll do these every once in a while for sure. :)

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