Q&A – Designing (part 1)

NOTE: Don’t forget! The Color Inspiration Challenge (with a chance to win prizes! Woohoo!) closes tonight. :)

Hi all!

I broke down all my Questions & Answers videos into smaller chunks which I’ll be sharing throughout this week. This is part one, Designing. :)

Questions answered in video:
How do you come up with ideas?
What inspires you?
What do you do when you create a card that you’re not happy with?
Do you design vintage style cards?
Do you ever not feel like creating, but have deadlines for your blog or Two Peas?
Do you sketch other people’s designs in your card sketchbook?
Do you have some tips for sketching card ideas?
How you find colors that look good together? How do you use a color wheel?
What are some of your favorite fonts?
How much of your graphic design training do you use in cardmaking?
Do you make mini albums or scrapbook pages?
How do you plan ahead for cards?
Do you ever feel that you’re doing the same thing over and over?

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

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