Quick Update on Convention Surprises

So, the surprise at the end of Convention was… each Convention attendee received another FREE stamp set courtesy of UPS!

Stampin’ Up! ships all our packages out by UPS, so the demonstrators know their UPS delivery person very well. :) We LOVE our UPS guys!

Anyway, we had some UPS employees there with us to help hand out all the stamp sets, too! All of us SU! employees that were on “Prize Patrol” were given brown UPS shirts to wear and UPS bags filled to the brim with stamp sets to hand out.

It went down a little something like this…

Sound effect: DING DONG!

Shelli (on stage): “What was that?”

UPS guy walks on stage holding a large box. (By now, the audience has clued in and all the demos in the audience are going crazy and cheering VERY loudly!)

UPS guy: “Well, I’m trying to deliver this package.”
Shelli: “Who’s it for? I can probably help you find them.”
UPS guy: “It says here that it’s for… EVERYONE!”

A big UPS truck drive out on stage. There are flames painted on the front and sides of the truck. Numerous UPS employees jump out.

Meanwhile, inside the “Prize Hut” (what we Stampin’ Up! employees lovingly call our little areas on each side of the HUGE room where we grab the prizes for delivery to the crowd)…

We’re standing behind the black curtains, each of us holding two big bags of stamp sets. We’re anxiously waiting for the signal to go running out of the Prize Hut. After the UPS truck drives out, the speakers start blaring “Burning Down the House.” That’s our signal!

Kara (our lovely Prize Patrol Princess) screams to us over the roar of the crowd: “GO! GO! GO!”

And then we’re all running out of our Prize Hut like ants out of an anthill. I run to my section and start whipping stamp sets out of my UPS bags. I hand stacks to all the screaming ladies.

Me (while waving my arm and pointing down the rows): “PASS THEM DOWN! PASS THEM DOWN! JUST TAKE ONE, AND PASS THE REST DOWN!!”

We had 20 minutes allotted to pass out the stamps. We passed out nearly 6000 stamp sets in under 10 minutes. Oh, yeah. We rock. :)

Let me tell you, it was SO fun to hand out all the free stamps! Totally awesome! I wish you all could have been there!

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