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1. Some of you might remember that I bought an Amazon Kindle not too long ago. Well, the jury’s back and the consensus is that it’s a winner! Granted, I usually like my electronic toys more sleek and “Apple-like” (aka my iPhone), but this little thing is loved by me anyway. :)

For those who don’t know, it’s an ebook reader. I tend to buy books, read them once, and then never touch them again, so this is a total space-saver for me. Plus, new release books are generally available for Kindle the same day as regular print releases, and at a lower cost.

Want that new Stephenie Meyer book? Buy the Kindle version and it’s only $9.99. AND you can read it within just a couple minutes. It downloads over a cell-phone network directly to your Kindle! And there’s no service contract.

There are also plenty of online resources for FREE books that you can download to your Kindle. Most of them are classic novels. I particularly enjoy the free Jane Austen books. Cool, huh?

It’s also a rudimentary web browser. When I was in Phoenix visiting my mom, I forgot the cord to charge my iPhone, so I used my Kindle to check email and read comments here at the blog. Totally convenient. :)

If any of you want to get a Kindle, they have a special going right now that you gives $100 off when you open a Chase Amazon Rewards account. I’m not advocating more credit cards, but if you’re needing a new card and a new Kindle, why not save some cash and get both (plus a $25 gift certificate for every 2500 points accrued on your account).

What am I currently reading? Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

(My word, that’s sounds like a commercial. I didn’t meant for it to sound like that–I just love my Kindle!)

2. On a craft related note, how many of you kept your Crop-A-Dile packaging? I’d wager that only a few of you did. If you’re looking for the information on what settings to use when, here’s a lovely PDF of that back insert, complete with setting instructions. I tracked it down a while back and have been meaning to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

3. Need some good blog reads? Try out some of these (straight out of my Google Reader):

How About Orange
The Pioneer Woman
Office Tally (for all you Office fans!)

4. Yum. :)

5. Current TV favs:

The Closer
Project Runway
Shear Genius
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Tabatha’s Salon Takeover
(Um… I think I like Bravo).

6. Favorite hair care product of the moment:
Frederic Fekkai Salon Clear Glaze Rinse. Received this for free as a sample when I was in New York and went shopping at the Sephora in Times Square. AWESOME! I asked my hairstylist about it and she basically said that it puts a thin silicone coating on all your hair strands so that it all the breakage lays down flat and back together. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but I love this stuff. It really does make your hair look and feel like you just had it cut. Oh, so soft! :)

7. Favorite iPhone 3rd party application: Twitterific Premium. Twitter for iPhone people. :)

8. I’m closing in on the end of my initial Invisalign treatment. I’m on trays 14 for upper and lower, with only two more trays on bottom and five trays on top to go. After that, I wear that last set for 1 year. But at least that year isn’t with pain every two week when I switch trays.

If you want to compare before and after, view some of my old YouTube videos and then look at the most recent. :)

9. Received my Stampin’ Up! order today.
Delivered straight to my desk (one of the perks of working at Stampin’ Up!).


Boy oh boy, am I excited to break all this out. Can someone say ya’ll are going to be seeing some glitter in the near future? Mwa ha ha!

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