Rewind: Cupcake Pops!


So, for a while now, the web has been obsessed with these Cupcake Pops invented by Bakerella. Well, not too long ago, Annie made these little darlings for Cupcake Tuesday at work (yes, we have Cupcake Tuesday). Every Tuesday someone brings cupcakes (or muffins!) to share. Seriously, it’s the best day of the week.

Here’s Paula holding one of Annie’s cupcake pops:


And then, guess what? Bakerella was on The Martha Stewart Show last week for Martha’s Cupcake Week… Hello! WHY oh why did I have to be on a cruise when all this was happening!!

BUT! I love the internet. You know why? Because you can watch the archives! Click here for the recipe and video of Bakerella and Martha making the cupcake pops, and here for the archives of the entire Cupcake Week (March 31 – April 4). Wahoo! I’m currently catching up on all the cupcake segments. :)

Anyhow, hope ya’ll are enjoying your Sunday. Here in Utah, it’s a beautiful sunny day. :)

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