SAB Workshop #3

Today’s workshop is a card-focused workshop. In fact, my sister is the host and only one of her friends is coming. That means this will be a very informal workshop where everyone will make all three cards. I like workshops like this because it’s almost like we’re all just getting together to make some cards.

A lot less pressure. :)

I’m also focusing on chipboard and the many things you can do with it. First up is a card using chipboard that’s “painted” with craft ink. Simply just rub the craft ink over the chipboard and let dry. This card in particular was offered in a kit to demonstrators last summer and I’m just now getting around to using it.


Next, is a card using chipboard as a template. In the On Board Accents chipboard, there is a square piece of chipboard with four circles cut out. I used it as a template to make a four-circle window card. [See this tutorial on how to make a one-circle window card without chipboard].


The last card we’ll make uses the circles that were removed from the square chipboard template used in the Best Fishes card. This time, we’ll cover the circle chipboard with patterned paper and sand the edges a bit. To adhere the paper to the chipboard, we’ll be using a regular glue stick. As long as you let it dry completely, it works just fine. :)


Anyhow, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I might check in tomorrow with a new card or two (let’s hope, right?!). :)

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