The blueprint of a card

Sorry kids. No MACM this week. Why, you ask? This is why…


Yep. I have a messy craft area. It’s actually one of the reasons I haven’t been too motivated to create anything recently. BUT! That’s about to change!

After procrastinating cleaning out my craft room, it’s down to just a few days before I HAVE TO have it all done. New roommate Jen moves in this weekend so I need to have it all in order so that she can move her stuff in, too. We’ll be sharing the office, and I was definitely taking up more than half my share. :) So, I moved the stamp set shelves into the closet –the walk-in-closet–and I lined the shelves up side by side so I could see the stamp sets easier). There’s still a lot of random junk in the closet, but at least my stamps have a home. :)

I’m slowly going through ALL my stuff and giving a lot of it away. Stuff I’m just not too excited about or that I know I’ll never get around to using. I’m taking in a big box of stuff to the office this morning to share with the work buddies. But I’m sure I’ll have even more tonight when the cleaning commences once again. Speaking of, leave a comment here and I’ll randomly pick a name tonight. That person will receive a little somethin’ from my stash of giveaway goodies. :)

Anyhow, not too long ago I created some cards for the newsletter (see the May 2008 newsletter). As I was cleaning out my craft room I found this notepad (from M.O.):


Oh yeah! I forgot I sketched out ideas for this card:


In fact, you might recognize one of the sketches from another card. Which was is it, eh? ;)

Anyway, have a happy Monday ya’ll and I’ll catch you tonight when I post my Color Challenge card and the selections for the last challenge.

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