Welcome to…

UPDATE 2: I’ve decided to just call it, “KWerner Design Blog.” On one hand, it’s completely generic. On the other hand, it’s completely generic. Not many people will have that name, right? Watch for a new graphic tonight. :)

UPDATE: So I found someone on Splitcoast who has the name PaperCrafty (who has some great stuff, btw)… so I’m back to sqaure one. This naming thing is hard! Please ignore the graphic at the top of the page–I have to get home tonight and change it. Dangit! I thought I found a name I liked. Oh, well.

Paper Crafty! I even googled it first this time. :)

Thanks for all your suggestions! Paper Crafty just came to me suddenly… I’m a little bit sneaky ;) , little bit crafty, and I enjoy some nice patterned paper. Sounds about right to me.

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