A Mile in Another Woman’s Shoes

The family that is renting the apartment after we move out did a walk through last Wednesday. I was downstairs at my scrap table, trying to be invisible, while the landlord gave the grand tour. I couldn’t help overhearing the potential renter’s youngest daughter as they opened my closet:

“Wow, she has a lot of shoes!”

And her mother: “Yes, a lot of women have lots of shoes.”

I had to laugh. Did they notice the shoes were all black and brown? I wouldn’t say my sensible shoe collection is threatening to take over Carrie Bradshaw’s “the most shoes you’ve ever seen in one closet” title, but I do have one pair of Steve Madden yellow shoes. I love these shoes, but might need to part with them. They run a bit small and my feet scream when I wear them.

Nevermind, they’re staying. They’re too cute to be on someone else’s feet. If I can’t wear them, at last they’ll save my shoe collection from utter boredom.

(Please excuse the awful photo. It’s extremely difficult to get good lighting in a closet).


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