Morning, all! (LOL! I just realized I forgot to type in the date on the date label on the layout. Oops!)

My latest digital class went up at BasicGrey yesterday (there’s more info on the class at the class page).

This time I used items from the Alyssa Starter Kit, which was sort of my baby. :) I worked on the Alyssa digital kits, so it’s so fun to see it all in the store! Since BG is releasing older paper lines as digital, we’ve been taking the existing paper designs and expanding them into full kits. Some of the collections have die-cuts or a bit more to base our designs off of, but with Alyssa, it was just the paper! So, I got to create lots of things from scratch.

You can see the rest of the Alyssa digital collection here. These are a few of my personal favorites…

Starter Kit – This is the kit I used for the layout above. :)

Flourishes – Fun word art with some handwritten phrases. :)

Textures – Hello? Ya’ll know I can’t resist a good woodgrain. And the letters in this kit are delicious! You can use them all together, or cut apart the .png into individual letters.

Anyhow, enjoy the class!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube