I’ve received a few questions as of late and thought I’d share my answers with everyone (just in case anyone else was wondering):

The filing cart in your scrap room– Does it hold 12×12 card stock? (This question came from one of my stamp club members. Hey Laura!)
No, not right now. I believe that particular cart is capable of storing 12×12, but only if you have 12×12 hanging file folders. I think there was a scrap company that sold 12×12 hanging folders, but I don’t recall which company it was.

How do you convert color photos to black and white in Photoshop?
I started looking into this about a year ago as well after I realized that the Grayscale command in Photoshop just wasn’t cutting it. In the process of searching for good black and white conversions, I checked out the 2Peas photography board. Many people were praising photographer Amber Ludlow’s black and white conversions. I believe you can purchase her tutorial on black and white conversions for only $20. I’m not sure if she’s still selling it, but you can try emailing her at [email protected].

Hope that helps! Any other questions?