Hi all!

I had a fun weekend in Arizona! But it was too HOT! My word! And it wasn’t even the hottest it will get, either. Not sure how my mom and sister survive such hot weather. Craziness!

My other sister who lives near my home in Utah stopped by to feed and play with Mannie a few times while I was gone. On Friday when she arrived, Mannie was in his box in the front room. He stayed there and wouldn’t come out for a long time. :( She texted this picture to me and said he was “depressed missing me.”

While I was in Arizona, it was iPad and laptop central. My tech geekiness is genetic. :) My brother and sister-in-law brought their iPads, and I had mine, plus to the two laptops my nieces and newphews use for school… Needless to say, it was a very tech-y weekend. Lots of games and fun. I discovered a couple great iPad apps for kids: Cookie Doodle and Real Racing HD. Both really great games, and I believe they also have iPod Touch/iPhone versions. My nieces also really loved Disney’s Fairies Fly game. :)

Anyway, I came home last night to a non-working central air unit and a super needy kitty who needed some love and a fan turned on because my house was stuffy and HOT! Thankfully, a summer rainstorm came through and with some open windows and a fan, Mannie and I cooled off enough to sleep comfortably. I’m thinking that a new air filter will solve the central air problem. If not, I’ll have to schedule a heating and air guy to come look at it. Crossing my fingers it’s just the air filter! LOL!

So, long story short, I don’t have a new MACM for you today. The plan is to post the Readers’ Choice Color Inspiration Challenge Round-Up tonight, along with the next color combo. So watch for that. :)

Hope all your weekends were wonderful!