Hi all!

Ya’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with my white pen. A bit? Ha! Okay, lots. Anyhow, I wanted to try out some different white pens to see if there were better ones out there than the one I was using. The first white pen I bought after I started papercrafting was a Uni-ball Signo Broad gel pen. I love it and have always used it. But what if there was a better one? Or one that was better in specific instances?

So, I decided a review and comparison video was needed. (Plus, I got to go shopping for pens–which I’ve loved to do for as long as I can remember. I have a ridiculous collection of pens).

This video has been hanging out on my computer for a while now and I just now had the chance to edit and upload it. A picture of the results is below the video (be sure to click on it to see it REALLY big). See the video below, or over at YouTube.

I had some “surprising” results with one of the pens. LOL!

White Pen Comparison