Brush Lettering with Akashiya Sai Watercolor Pens

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I have a lettering video featuring Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pens and a quote from Deepak Chopra.

Brush Lettering with Akashiya Sai Watercolor Pens

The quote “Do not try to steer the river,” has really spoken to me lately. To me it means multiple things… Do not force things to happen. That there are powerful forces and currents runing through our lives (like a river), and we should not try to control them. But rather move with the current and find strength in it.

Sometimes we chase dreams or fantasies that aren’t meant to be. We try to “strong arm” them into happening. “Do not try to steer the river” tells me to find the direction of what’s meant to be and to work along side it.

What does it mean to you?

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