Taking a page from Sarah’s book, here are my cake confessions:

1. My kitchen is a mess. Icing everywhere (or it seems like that). Who knew making a cake was so messy!

2. I now have an appreciation for pre-colored frosting. I wish I would have gone by this color mixing cheat sheet instead of venturing out on my own.

3. Tonight’s class was mostly about learning to use star tips. Not my most favorite look, but I took a crack at it anyway. Everyone did lots of practice rows of star tips, and then we all decorated a cake. The course manual tells everyone to make a rainbow cake, but I did my own thing. What do you think? It’s my first time really using tips for decorating (well, for anything besides a HUGE swirl of icing on top of a cupcake–that doesn’t count!)

(Please ignore the wonky lighting–I took the photos as I was packing up my things to leave class).





Now I’m off to watch my Tivo’d finale of So You Think You Can Dance. :)